[update] Snowball fight
Snowballs are back! And as tradition we are here to bring you the Snowball Cup! This year is a little different, but we think you all will enjoy it, so sign up and enjoy an 4vs4 snowball fight!

Random team

Christmas is a time of year that brings everyone together, and warrock is no different. This year you will sign up for this cup alone but you will fight with 3 mates. Random teams with 4 players in will be made just before the cup (after the check-in).

Teamspeak for the cup

  • Address :
  • Password : no password

Snowball fight

Registrations for the Warrock Snowball fight will be open till Tuesday, 27/12/11 19:40 CET:

Sign-Up Warrock Snowball fight

Requirements to Sign Up Players have to add a warrock Game Account
Information Start Date: Tuesday, 27/12/11 CET
Available Slots: 32 player (can be extend)
Team Size: 4on4
Game Mode: CQC
Match Mode: 2 sides of 7 wins
Moss frequency: 2
Allowed weapon: Small snow ball
Mappool: xmarien
Check-in step 2: Tuesday, 27/12/11 19:00 CET
Check-in step 3: Tuesday, 27/12/11 19:35 CET
Structure Round 1: Tuesday, 27/12/11 20:00 CET
Round 2: Tuesday, 27/12/11 20:40 CET
Round 3: Tuesday, 27/12/11 21:20 CET
Final: Tuesday, 27/12/11 22:00 CET
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Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: nohope92, Desit, Bertinho00, Masnak,Clinton05x, Revolt, Defqon and Rainbow

Best Regards, your War Rock

Desit, Saturday, 17/12/11 14:00
comments (2)
hmm , sounds gr8. but i would prefer 4v4.
it aint more than 30 active warrock players on esl.
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