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Rules Update
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Hey guys emoticon-grin

You can use this thread to discuss the new rules or suggest new ones.

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Mess with the best , die like the rest!
0 / 999 Ping. All nice, but rejoining is not possible on UO with 50 tickets. this is the barrier on which people cant join anymore.

I wish some extra clarification on that please. Those that have it, wont do it on purpose i presume.
And from experience ( someone on my team has that issue ) it can take up to 10 minutes before it disappears ingame. It comes back at the start of each game..
So what do you suggest?

Mess with the best , die like the rest!
Only ask the player to leave if he cannot be seen by anyone.
Some people can see the person and some not..
Warrock acts real weird on that..

What i would like, and i'm gonna pull this on my own team also, is that these guys check if there good to go, and if not restart the map with a new player. ( if available, and agreed, upfront or ruling, by the other team )

I think this matter should be discussed by the teams involved when it happens..

Its hard to make a fit ruling on this because the 0 / 999 ping have multiple occurances, eg:
Visible, but standing still in base.
Skipping all over map, look's like teleporting ( Haven't seen that much tho )

What would be the easyest is to have a 5 minute ( or less wait ) after the round starts. In BG and UO this is no issue as you have no time limit, only a ticket limit.
It is annoying limit tho.. But it gives you the time for a gamers pee and a fresh beer.. emoticon-smile

In the end i think the best option is to give it a ruling that if 1 or both teams have problems with it that that round should be restarted in the hope its fixed.
And if it is not that the player needs to be replaced.
Well i got many examples of tickets where 999 / 0 pings were present and admins re-opened the match...If there are big problems of pings, match is almost always restarted...

This is why i wrote in rules that rejoining is heartily suggested to fix pings issues emoticon-grin

Mess with the best , die like the rest!
ok, but in the same map or does the map needs to be replayed?

This since after the first kill you cannot join anymore..
Uhm it seems the problem is the UO ladder.

We got 2 solutions :

- set more than 50 kills ( but it seems people like it the way it is now )

- if a player pings 999 , leave and rejoin the room if possible , or remake the room...

Mess with the best , die like the rest!
emoticon-grin I knew this would be the breaking point.

A new room or a rejoin ( only when no kills have been made ) should be a possibility.
Its hard to find a fitting rule for it, since its so hard to check wether agreements are beeing lived by. eg player X has 0 ping, hes dc's to reconnect and the setting is that no kills nor moves can be made till he is back ingame ( spawned )

I'd prefer to set the points to 100 then, because the player then has enough time to relog into the gameroom.
I don't think the amount of players matters in UO for example;
Team 1: 8 low skilled players
Team 2: 3 High skilled players

Team 2 has 3 players that can take out 2 opponents before dying. In UO that would mean that Team 2 would have half of the deads Team 1 has and Team 2 would win just becouse they are better.

--> So rejoining wouldn't matter imo o_O
uhm... ok..
ya, but normally you play with equal ( for size ) teams.
Those that have the problems with there ping cant do much about it.. I myself havent been able to recreate this.. Not even when choking my connection purposely ( for the record, never in a match... )
The only thing i got was that people started to ask me why my ping was so high..

And if i agree on a certain amount of players, i wish to play with that amount..
The question is not about skilled or not, but what the actions should / need to be incase of this matter occuring.
New rules for GA changes , Rule 9.*

Check it out!

Mess with the best , die like the rest!
Looks good to me emoticon-smile
This means that i can use famas?
I dont get it.

ouzo me elia kai feta
you can only if your opponent agrees.

By default , you can use only the guns listen in rules ! ( all rifles available for F2P users)

Mess with the best , die like the rest!
** deleted **
The rule 9.4 for GA change has been updated : rule 9.4

Check it out!
rule about teams creation has been updated rule 9.8
rule about teams creation has been updated rule 9.8
new rule about Equality usage made mandatory rule 10
BERETTA_M93R added to allowed weapons
KNUCKLE and M7 added to allowed weapons
removed the request for OPS screen when requesting a game account change
GOLD K1 and GOLD G36C_D have been added to allowed weapons
GOLD MP5K have been added to allowed weapons
** deleted **
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