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Team Alpen.WR
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Hello people,

Me and my friends have the idea to start again the Team Alpen.WR because it is now not active..

We want participate to the Nations cup, but we need some players from Switzerland or Austria.

If someone is volunteer to play matchs with us, please tell me that here or with MP.

We are for the moment 4 players active (me, Nony, Prokizz & Weezy).

Thank you in advance and see you soon to the cup emoticon-grin
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NATIONS cup? dont think so.
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Sorry, it is 2012 Warrock Country Championship
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People call it NATIONS cup yh.

But make ticket, better way to ask it..
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Please make a Ticket.

ESL Europe Admin team / ESL Benelux Admin team
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he's trying to recruit people you derps ;P

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here i am
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