FFA Cup!
This is the 3rd up of the June Cup Series, and now it is time to present you the FFA Cup! This is first time we have done a FFA cup like this, as it is not a 1on1 ffa cup, it is a 4/8player ffa cup! So please, read carefully the rules, and if you are unsure how this cup will work, then please ask the admins!


So heres how it works:

As you can see from this picture, the people seeded 1, 32, 17, and 16 are all the same colour. This means - they will be playing in a 4 player ffa room against each other. So they will still use wire/moss as normal, but you will be playing with other people not in your 'open match'. The winner of that FFA room, will then go into the final - The final will be a 8 player FFA room, this room will consist of each winner from round 1.

Every colour is different, this is just to show you, which players are playing against each other at the first round.

Final: The final will be played on 2 maps, the winner will be the person with the most kills after the 2 games.

1st game containing 4 people: Khyber
1st final match: Marien
2nd final match: Artifact

If you are unsure how this will work, then please ask the admins!

Entering Result

Please do not enter the score - let an Admin enter it for you. So please upload the final screenshot and MOSS asap after the match.

Sign up

Registrations for the FFA Cup will be open till 19/06/12 20:00 CEST:

Sign-Up FFA Cup

Requirements to Sign Up Players have to add a warrock Game Account
Information Start Date: Tuesday, 19/06/12 20:00 CEST
Available Slots: 32 players
Team Size: ffa
Game Mode: CQC, FFA
Match Mode: 1 maps, FFA, first to 30kills
Weapons Allowed: esl weapons
Moss frequency: 2
Mappool: Khyber, Marien, Artifact
Structure Round 1: Tuesday, 19/06/12 20:00 CEST
Final: Tuesday, 19/06/12 20:30 CEST
Links Structure
League Info
ESL Wire

Prizes for Winners

ESL Premium Account
1 Month for the Winner 1st

Hall Of Fame

WarRock Hall of Fame

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: Desit, Clinton05x, Revolt Chackiwinja, Defqon, nohope92, vizine, and Ricki.

Best Regards, your War Rock

Clinton05x, Tuesday, 12/06/12 19:34
comments (5)
Nice cup :)
Cool cup, too bad I can't be there!
I applied to enter the cup on 16/06/2012, no one has accepted my request, good game admin.
Tuenth wrote:
I applied to enter the cup on 16/06/2012, no one has accepted my request, good game admin.

14/06/12 17:24h ESL Tuenth wanna_join_league Europe War Rock Close Quarters Combat 1on1 FFA Cup
15/06/12 10:44h ESL Tuenth join_league Europe War Rock Close Quarters Combat 1on1 FFA Cup
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