1. Sign up
Before you can sign up to a cup you must have an ESL player and team account.
Create player account:
  • Register on the ESL
  • Enter your Wargame Name
  • 2. Creating a team

    Creating a team is pretty simple. First of all you have to click on your ESL profile and enter your command center (scroll down to the bottom of the page). In your command center you have options such as leaving a ladder, changing your default language or creating teams.
    How to create a team:

    • Click on Register new team in your Command Center.
    • Choose a team name.
    • After the team has been created click on Edit team
      in your Team Command Center.
    • Choose a join password so other players can join the team.
    3. Join a team

    As soon as your team is created your teammates can join the team. To do so you have to send them the link to the team. Once on the teamsheet:

    • Click on to join the team.
    • Enter the join password.
    If the password was correct the player is in the team.
    4. What does your team need to join a Cup ?
    To join a Cup your team leaders have to follow these steps:
  • Go to your ESL profile and click on your team
  • Upload a logo for your team. ( on the left side)
  • Go back to the team side and click on Team Control Center. (on the bottom of the site)
  • Choose Edit Team.
  • Enter an Abbreviation/Short name/Tag
    for your team. e.g. GG
  • 5. Join a Cup
    All team members in an ESL tournament have to register their Wargame Ingame name before they are allowed to play.

    Enter your Ingame name
    For example, to be able to join a 2vs2 tournament, a team requires 2 players, each with a registered Wargame Name.
    6. Check-in
  • Check-in usually opens 20 minutes before the start of a cup. To check-in, simply click the check-in link on the cup page during the check-in time.
  • Check-in is first come, first serve, make sure you don't lose your place.
  • Please be aware that if you try to check-in late, your team will not be included in the tournament.
  • 7. Get ready

    After checking in, you should get ready for the cup to start.

    • Go to the cup page and join the Cup Chat.
    • Ensure that your team are using the same Game Accounts that are added to their profiles. If not, they will need to change it in their profile.
    • Load Wargame: Airland Battle.

    Watch the Cup Chat for the cup to begin!

    8. Find match

    Once the Cup has started, your match will appear in the "matches" area at the bottom of the page.

    Hover over "matches" and click the joystick icon for your match will take you to the match page.

    Hover over "matches" and click the match to open the chat for your match.

    9. Contact opponent

    The first place to try contacting your opponent is in-game through Wargame. Go to the match page, click on your opponent and show under member the Wargame names.

    If you can't find them ingmae, then try:

    • Writing a comment on the match page
    • Chatting with the match chat (matches at the bottom right and click your match)
    • Cup Chat

    Keep trying for at least 20 minutes to contact your opponent via all methods before reporting to an admin in Cup Chat!

    10. Play your match

    Once you are in contact with your opponent then you can play your match. One of you creates a custom game and invites the other.

    Please make sure the match is hosted with the right settings, read the rules to make sure, later complains are not accepted.

    11. Result
    Take a screenshot of the result screen and upload it after the match.

    Go to "matches" ->match setup ->enter the result, in map wins, e.g. 1:0, then the other team can confirm the result.

    Either team uploads the screenshot(s) of the match at the match page -> "Upload screenshots"

    If you have any problems, go to Cup Chat to get the attention of an admin.

    On one line write, "admin: your problem, link to match"
    e.g. "admin: my opponent has not confirmed http://www.esl.eu/eu/wab/go4wargame/cup13/match/123/" Screenshots are always needed as proof, if you have problems. e.g. A team tells you they can't play in the ingame chat.
    Cup Chat - Join for admin support and chats with other players.
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