The next VERSUS goes crazy on 29th of July!
On 29th of July we will bring you another edition of VERSUS goes crazy. For the sixth time we will bring you a day full of actions in VERSUS. More games, new modes and more are waiting for you on that Sunday. Also take the chance to win nice prizes and take part in this awesome gaming experience. Now you can have your first say for that day: Which game do you want to see at VSGC #6?

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system on ESL. With just a few clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses. Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all! You will find more information on our VERSUS portal.

VERSUS goes crazy

For 29th of July we have some pretty cool events for our new matchmaking system VERSUS. More games, more modes, more rankings and a premium raffle, cool prizes, XP boost, a special award and much more are waiting for you. Together with you we will get the system to go crazy, a real stress test for the whole system.

These activities are waiting for you:
XP Boost: Earn 200% XP for every match on VERSUS
Games: Play VERSUS on games that usually are not in our Matchmaking
Mappools: New, more and specified map pools for some games
Modes: Specific modes are waiting in your game
Rankings: Extra rankings for all special game modes
Admin vs. User: Take your chance to revenge for everything done wrong
Celebrity Gaming: Meet progamers and special guests on VERSUS
Award: Try to get the VERSUS goes crazy Award in your game
Prizes: Play VERSUS and take part at our raffle

More Games

Vote for your favorite game to be on VERSUS on this Special Sunday. We have selected some of the next active games here on ESL.eu. Bring your favorite game to VERSUS and play it to take part in the big raffles!

Which game should be in when VERSUS goes crazy?

More information on the single events and activities and the prizes and the Special Award will follow during the next week. We wish good luck and have fun to all users being a part of our VERSUS goes crazy event!

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 20/07/12 14:47
Play VERSUS now!
comments (3)
not interesting .. i have 2 vsgc awards, dont need more :)
it may not be interesting to you because you have received this award for to different events , doesn't mean that they should stop it just for you . Others get to experience the full bonus's or versus without the right of payment for premium , which i think is a great idea for esl to draw in more compatible and trusted player's , than these blasted cheater noobs.

Congrats and keep the events up , one thing i would like to see versus CUPS next
@#1 Why not? Maybe we do something special when someone got like 5? ;-)
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