VSGC: Thank you very much for an amazing Sunday
The recent VERSUS goes crazy Sunday proved once again how fun VERSUS is and how each of you is an important part of it, although we didn't break a user record. We want to thank all of you for a great performance, thousands of matches and comments and will finally reveal all winners of the prizes and awards.

VERSUS goes crazy

First of all we would like to thank all the players who joined us in VERSUS goes crazy two weeks ago. We had a really, really great day and hope you enjoyed it too. From 12pm to 8pm we had a lot of actions going on, added a bunch of games and did some nice raffles with you. For all of you who missed this, check the news ticker to see everything that happened.

VERSUS goes crazy: Newsticker

VSGC Giveaways and Awards

The winner of the main prize

We raffled two 120 RS Competition Seats including a Multi Wheel from Bigben each worth €300 among all Premium members, who played more than 10 matches on Sunday. Of course, everybody else had still shots to win Premium accounts and more. Here are all winners:

120 RS Competition Seats and Multi Wheel from Bigben
GW I Bulled v2 xRay

Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Maus
All ESL Premium members with at least five matches on Sunday had the chance to win a Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse. These guys won, congratulation!

Grubas B d0ntcryyy K4M1 KellerKind_Nr_1

PS3 "Quick Fire" Controller
On Consoles everybody with Premium could win one out of five PS3 "Quick Fire" Controllers, if you played more than five matches.

Milan M o E M a X RapToR X buddy

ESL TV Premium Keys á 6 Months
ESL TV Premium Keys, which were raffled among all players with more than five matches: qPuNk, SeraiN, xR3FL3x, sevoxxx, OLOLZ0R, Incrade, Papounet, shifty, michel und galle

1 Month of Premium
Presenting all 50 players who won a month of ESL or CSL Premium would take too much space, but all of them will receive their key via ESL MSG within a few days.

Newsticker Giveaway
We raffled even more prizes and Premium keys in our news ticker:

The two Sennheiser PC 320 Gaming Headsets are going to Wuknwild and Kaptain Eiscreme, FIFA 12 for Xbox 360 is going to NeXx and NHL 12 for Xbox 360 to Gravity. Furthermore some of you received ESL and or Consoles Premium for your awesome activity at the news ticker or facebook.

VERSUS goes crazy Award

Once again we awarded the VERSUS goes crazy Award to players who achieved specific requirements (siehe News)or another great perfomance during the day. Congratulions to this special award to these players:

All winners of the global VERSUS goes crazy Awards (ESL and CSL)

All winners of the game specific VERSUS goes crazy awards (ESL)

All winners of the game specific VERSUS goes crazy awards (CSL)

Players with exceptional performances (ESL and CSL)

VSGC Sponsors

Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse is sponsored by

PS3 Controller, Seat and Steering Wheel is sponsored by

Thanks to all players, celebs and admins as well as Bigben and Cyborg. We hope you all enjoyed this day and had a great time. We are really looking forward to the next event day on VERSUS and will inform you as soon as we start planing the next big thing!

Your VERSUS Team
otacon, Friday, 04/05/12 16:10
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Gratz ;)
Thx !!!
Only Germany win ..
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ENIIKKK. wrote:
Only Germany win ..
ENIIKKK. wrote:
Only Germany win ..
WoWE its just another corruption in esl why you are so surprised? like when some noob german is registered and win a lot of awards and lifetime premium. =]
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Well i doubt it's like that. Germans just the most active on ESL. Germany is the most playing nation in europe. And finally Turtle Entertainment is a german company. Check the winners carefully - there are people all over the europe.
how prize :D ?? only order ?
this is joke?
I picked the players by random with this tool: http://www.agitos.de/zufallsgenerator.html
The reason why there are only german players who won the PS3 Controller, it´s because it was the raffle for Consoles.net and there are playing allmost german players.
J'ai seulement eu 6 mois de compte ESL TV sa pu des fesses :)
ENIIKKK. wrote:
Only Germany win ..

ESL TV Premium Keys, which were raffled among all players with more than five matches: PuNk, Serainx, xR3FL3x, sEV., kSx-, Incrade, Papounet, shifty, michel und gALLe

; o

ANYWAY what does the ESL TV premium?! xD
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