How2VERSUS: What do we do about leavers?
Who doesn't know this scenario: You just started losing a couple of rounds and all of a sudden one player is leaving the server. What to do now? Is the match canceled? What kind of result do we enter? Today we gonna give you some possible solutions for this to solve this problem best.

Problem: Leavers

You just want to play some games in VERSUS but one guy on your team just disappears. May it be because of some lost rounds, mom shouting for dinner or any other reason which makes a players leave a running match, it still leaves behind others who can't finish the match correctly.

This problem causes a lot of support tickets. We would like to reduce that immense number. VERSUS offers a functionality that keeps track of such players and takes care of leavers almost automated. How this works and what you have to do to make this happen is in the spotlight this time.

What would you like to know about VERSUS.?
In the new series "How2VERSUS." we give you some insight into our new matchmakings. After the first episodes we would like to answer your questions. Just post them in the comments or in the VERSUS. forum!

Possibility #1: Play on

Of course it's not the big fun to end your match if you are shorthanded. But if you play on, just enter the final result of the match and mark the leaver when entering the result. This is very important as our system needs this info to do something about those leavers. This is not mandatory! We know that the fun is down to the minimum if you play shorthanded and so there is another option to handle these cases.

Possibility #2: Abort the match

If you don't want to play on shorthanded you can abort the match. In this case you have to keeps the following in mind: The currently leading team is the winner of the match. Was the leaver one of the leading team, you either play on or grant the win to the complete team. Long story short: The leavers team always loses. In any case, remind all players of marking the leaver when entering the result.

What happens to a marked leaver?

If the majority of a matches participants marks a player as leaver, the losing team will score a loss to their record but not lose any VS. points!. The leaver will lose a good bunch of points for ruining the game and so all participants can actually live with this. If it's a frequent leaver, he will face additional consequences.

Your VERSUS Team
Soodi, Thursday, 03/11/11 13:23
How2VERSUS on the ESL forum
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Can there be a way for people to play with their esl name during versuz matches,it would make it easier to mark leavers etc.
Sick of noob teams that go all noresult when you own them.
i agree with #3
finally some good rules
About overclocker? fkin versus is a farce -.-
#3 +1
ass cssmixes is better. if 1 leave, -20 reability ;)
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