What is VERSUS?

How can I participate?

Does it cost anything to participate?

What games are available?

Where can I find the rules for my game?

Problems during the match

Instant Leaver - Players aborting before the match start

What is to do, if a player leaves the Match?

Reporting System - How to report troublemakers

How to report troublemakers?

When do I use the Reporting System?

How long does it take, until a player gets banned?

Why can I not report players via Support Ticket?

Submit a Veto - getting a wrong result corrected

When to file a veto?

Which evidence do we need to check a veto?

We try to answer as much as possible of your most frequently questions about VERSUS. However, should you have any unanswered question, please feel free to ask us in our VERSUS Forum. We will answer your personal questions as soon as possible.
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