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Recently on my server we have come across a map called RaPasland. It has a unique style of play. Your flag is on your side of the base and you have to pick it up and and score in your opponants side. This makes for very interesting gameplay. Basically like real world paintball, were the whole team has to support one another. All push forward together, score, all fall back together and repeat the process. 
So, i was wondering just how hard it would be to change some of the existing maps into this game mode, might be interesting and fun to play reverse NVA, Arroyo etc. 
I will leave this on my server tonight if anyone wants to drop by and take a look. 
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haha thats sounds really fun.

Its childsplay to change this on official maps, just reverse the spawn pointsemoticon-grin.

But there will be alot of camping and hard to make points, you take the flagg and just camp somewhere(If you play versus a stronger opponent). You should create a mod that the dropped Flag wont return for a long time than it is fun.

And maybe it is a nice 1on1 modeemoticon-grin
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In Urban Terror CTF you habe a timer running. When the time is down, the flag carrier dies. It's actually quite a good idea but doesn t fit to VC. Searching a stolen flag is part of the game emoticon-grin
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That sounds good emoticon-smile 

i will testing it today::::
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Dark Angel wrote:
you habe

shouldn't be you "hast" ?
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