Quick Cup #7: 4on4 TDM *H2k wins*
This weekend the next of our Quick Cups is approaching, a 4on4 TDM cup. In preperation of the ESL Major Series we are going to run a 4on4 TDM Quick Cup with the EMS mappool on this Sunday, 17th February. The cup will start at 18:00 CET and there will be space for 16 teams. It will also use check in to make sure that the teams are really available who appear in the tournament bracket. The settings will be exactly the same as for the EMS 4on4 TDM part, but the mappool of the cup will be focused on the custom maps, so the teams can learn those new maps.


The following settings will be used for the Cup:

4on4 TDM Settings:

- Game Version: Unreal Tournament 3
- Gamemode: UTGame.UTTeamGame
- Timelimit: 20
- Scorelimit: 0
- bPlayersMustbeReady: True
- MaxPlayers: 8
- MinNetPlayers: 8
- Mutator:
  • MutFriendlyFireFull.UTMutator_FriendlyFireFull
  • UTGame.UTMutator_WeaponsRespawn
  • MutNoSpawnProtection.UTMutator_NoSpawnProtection
  • utc3v01beta.UTMutator_utc3v01beta
The Redeemer Weapon is not allowed to be used in all the gametypes, but you either choose to replace it with the impact hammer, remove it with a special mutator or just don't use it.

Meeting Points:

At least one players team must be at #esl.ut during the whole cup. If a team is not present within 20 minutes after the scheduled time the team gets a forfeit loss.


Sign up: now until Sunday, 17:30 CET.

Check In: Sunday 17:30 to 17:40 CET.
Sign Up for Remaining Slots: Sunday 17:40 to 18:00 CET.

1. Round: Sunday, 18:00 CET
Maps: DM-Deck-FPS & DM-Defiance (Decider: DM-TempestX-B4)

2. Round: Sunday, 19:15 CET
Maps: DM-Flustered-LE & DM-Diesel (Decider: DM-Deck-FPS)

3. Round: Sunday, 20:30 CET
Maps: DM-Defiance & DM-TempestX-B4 (Decider: DM-Diesel)

Final: Sunday, 21:45 CET
Maps: DM-Flustered-LE & DM-TempestX-B4 (Decider: DM-Deck-FPS)

Prior Winners

Prior winners:

- Quick Cup 1 (1on1): mouz.daddy
- Quick Cup 2 (4on4): Whiners
- Quick Cup 3 (1on1): oct´killzA
- Quick Cup 4 (2on2): Whiners 2on2
- Quick Cup 5 (1on1): [4K^zkyp]
- Quick Cup 7 (1on1): H2k.killzA

Sign Up & Check-In

Sign Up

Check In

Update & Results


H2k-Gaming vs. Saints and Sinners - (Matchdetails)
DM-Defiance: [114:93]
DM-Diesel: [165:137]

xTp vs. Four Kings - (Matchdetails)
DM-TempestX-B4: [112:118]
DM-Defiance: [140:124]
DM-Diesel: [191:171]


H2k-Gaming vs. xTp - (Matchdetails)
DM-Flustered-LE: [180:172] (Demo)
DM-TempestX-B4: [110:136] (Demo)
DM-Deck-FPS: [135:127] (Demo)

Line Ups:
H2k: sebo, killzA, cRaFt and gArDeZ
xTp: cave, mad1Z, zeD, Rondrian

Final Standing:
1. H2k-Gaming
2. xTp
3. Four Kings

Rondrian, Monday, 18/02/08 00:56
UT3 4on4 Quick Cup #7
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CU ON~!~~
cu@on server da!!
cool stuff:)
its like a custommap tdm cup :P
but thats nice so everyone can see if they are worth the adding hf gl
final maps sux, tempestx is the worst map of the pool :x
very very nice :)
I really like tempest-x - all the little things you can do and shoot through just rock :)
TempestX is great, still a beta tho but almost final.
coming from ut99 tempestx is very confusing (for those that dont know everything is the opposite way around)
yeah tempest x was confusing the 1st time I played it. now its like riding a bike!
impossible? :P
check in started.
huh? can't check in because cup is full?
whine whine :)
omg k rocket only good
gz H2K
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gg to all Teams :)
Jeah good for you that it had been deleted, right rondrian? tzzzzzz
Feel free to write it in english again.
still flaming Ron for seeding xTp 4th though they finished 2nd, matrix? get over it...
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