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As the Wire-tool usage are mandatory ( http://www.esl.eu/eu/ut3/news/153556/ ) for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception some of us might notice problems or even crash with UT 3 when you start the game with this tool:

Usually doing the following step resolvs all problems so before you query admins for help try this and see if its works:

ESL Wire -> Optionen -> Gaming -> In-Game -> Screenshots & In-Game Overlay active *uncheck*

If you still notice anything unusual you can also try giving high priority to ut3.exe and low priority to the wire.exe in the task-manager

If you yet unable to resolv the problems be sure to read the FAQ, many infos are included there that might just work out for you:

See additional infos on the main page:

You can also open a support-ticket ( choose section - Europe ESL Wire ) here:

If nothing helps open a forum entry with as many infos as possible by the given forms in the sticky posts ( be sure to read them first ), someone will help you:

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