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hier =)
suche clan =)

joa waa o_O
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maybe you have to introduce yourself a bit!
got experience with other clans/games and so on...
Go on irc #esl.ut and play someone will notice you =)
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Hello everyone ,

We are the biggest multigaming clan in Turkey.And we are restructuring our teams.
We are looking for high-/high+ skilled players.
We are Turk based team , but there is no problem to play with any foreigner.
We are looking for skilled , mannered and active players that are able to represent the team at clanwars.

You should own the following :

-a lot of ambition
-be experienced
-be stable
-can take responsibility
-act reasonable
-be teamplayer
-be at least 2 hours a day online//only for pracc/pcw/events

We have :

-own game server
-own vent server
-irc channel
-pleasant friendship
-active clan life
-active management

related games : WoW , WC3 ,DotA , DoW , Fifa , PES , TMN , Quake Live , L4D , HL:AG , SC , TF2 , DoD.

Contact : MSN : salyh4esl@hotmail.com
IRc : #uwt @ QNet
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Destiny Dealers is a 5 year old, sucessful clan.
We have a Homepage, Forum and Ventrilo.

We would like to recruit a UT 3 player, Squad Leader, or Team.

Personally I got Unreal 1 day 1 back in 1998 so I have some history with that game.

Homepage: http://www.destinydealers.de/


MSN / Windows live:

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