Wednesday, 10/10

Unreal Tournament 3 | 00:52
Sorry, we're CLOSEDSimply put: Unreal Tournament 3 is no longer available in the ESL. The main reason behind our decision is the lack of basic activity with each passing days which lead to a crucial point where there's no turning back. For those who kept participating in the past we thank you the effort and wish good luck in the future!

Thursday, 20/09

Unreal Tournament 3 | 20:33
1on1  Autumn League 2012Another season passed again so here it comes the Autumn along with its cup! Compared to the previous tournaments there no changes should be expected just the usual for now so if you are intend to sign-up just read on:

Monday, 30/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 23:28
1on1 Spring League 2012: Winners!11 players signed up for this League and the Matches took some time but here we are. As for who exactly won this tournament and for some additional infos just read inside:

Tuesday, 06/03

Unreal Tournament 3 | 00:56
1on1 Spring League 2012Delayed but just like before the seasonal league is coming in from of Spring this time! While we'll keep our tradition by focusing on 1on1, changes are in the air: If this season won't have at least 16 participants no further Cups will be hosted until the activity increase back. As for further infos, read in-side!

Saturday, 12/11

Unreal Tournament 3 | 13:06
1on1 Winter League 2011As Winter is coming new Seasonal League Opens just like before! As our previous Leagues so does the Winter will attend as 1on1 so look no further if you're looking for quality matches! Registration ends in 01/12/11 00:00 for more details read inside:

Sunday, 07/08

Unreal Tournament 3 | 18:04
1on1 Autumn League 2011With new seasons coming new seasonal league starts yet again! As our previous leagues so does the Autumn will going to be 1on1 so search no more if you are looking for some quality matches! Just spend your free-time with your favourite game during the Autumn. Read about the additional details inside:

Monday, 09/05

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:40
1on1 Summer League 2011Are you looking for some entertainment? Yet again None 1on1 cup to the Summer? Search no more! ESL presents your Summer League where you can spend your free-time with your favourite game during the Summer! Also don't forget that Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If someone cannot use Wire then he/she are not allowed to take part in as from now on.

Saturday, 30/04

Unreal Tournament 3 | 16:51
1on1 Spring League 2011: Winners!The 1on1 Spring League had come to an end with all of the matches played under the new Wire Anit-Cheat protection: See the details inside!

Sunday, 13/02

Unreal Tournament 3 | 23:11
1on1 Spring League 2011Looking for some entertainment? None 1on1 League so far ? After a long brake we decided it's time to refresh the section with a 1on1 Spring League in 2011 as a start. Read about the details inside:

Tuesday, 08/02

Unreal Tournament 3 | 20:55
Rulechange part 3Yet, there is still much thing to do. After the GS_login and GUID restriction - from now on every match that played on ESL from ladders to leagues oblige to record demos. For more detailed and additional infos read more inside:

Sunday, 17/10

Unreal Tournament 3 | 21:34
Rulechange part 2The first part of our Rulechange was about the UT 3 Login Name. There we mentioned that later on GUIDs need to be entered as well in order to participate in the upcoming events of ESL. Details inside:

Monday, 04/10

Unreal Tournament 3 | 15:38
1on1 Summer League 2010: Winners!Few moths ago we started a 1on1 Summer League with a decent amount of players that comes to an End: See the details inside!

Thursday, 15/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 16:43
RulechangeFrom now on every member of UT3/EU who wish to participate in any upcoming & current events of ESL (including Ladders) must enter his or her GA to do so.

Thursday, 08/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 20:55
1on1 Summer League 2010Are you looking for some Unreal entertainment? No 1on1 Cup so far this Summer? Search no more! ESL presents: "Summer League". Where you can spend your free-time with your favorite game!

Monday, 05/04

Unreal Tournament 3 | 23:51
MMC - AprilAre you an active player here in the Unreal Tournament 3 section? Every month we reward the most active player / team through the Most Matches Competition. Check out all detail and what's the relevant ladder this month!

Tuesday, 02/03

Unreal Tournament 3 | 15:20
MMC - MarchAre you an active player here in the Unreal Tournament 3 section? Every month we reward the most active player / team through the Most Matches Competition. Check out all detail and what's the relevant ladder this month!

Monday, 01/03

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:45
2on2 Battle Team Arena Cup Start!Start this week first Cup of 2010 for Unreal Torunament 3, 32 Team play in a Single Elimination Bracket to became the winner.

Monday, 15/02

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:02
2on2 Battle Team Arena CupThe Unreal Tournament 3 ESL Section starts up with a 2on2 Battle Team Arena Cup! The Tourney is based on single Elimination Bracket up to 32 teams!* Starts on 01/03/2010 and finish on 11/04/2010.

Monday, 19/10

Unreal Tournament 3 | 18:31
1on1 Instagib Cup *UpdateIts time for another Cup. This time we support the Instagib community with a 16 slot cup. The <b>1on1 Instagib cup</b> will start next weekend on saturday and is supposed to be a one day cup. the check-in is at 14:30 CET and the cup will start a half hour later. Further information can be found below. We wish a lot of fun.

Friday, 11/09

Unreal Tournament 3 | 15:06
UT3 Autum League openingafter the qualification cups 1, 2 and the players choice from the ladder we found 16 players who will participate in the UT3 <b>1on1 Autum League</b>. The Premiership is in opposite of the ladder a league with selected players and fixed match dates.

Wednesday, 02/09

Unreal Tournament 3 | 19:42
CBP3v4 releasedThe fourth edition of the Communuty Bonus Pack3 is released.

Thursday, 13/08

Unreal Tournament 3 | 21:07
Premiership Qualification Cup #2The first four players are already qualified. If you are not the lucky one you get another chance to qualify for the ESL UT3 Premiership. As you know from the first cup 16 players will fight for a spot. The Cup starts on 20. August. So happy fragging!

Wednesday, 22/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:57
Premiership Qualification Cup #1 *UpdateAs we already announced, we start the first Qualification Cup for the coming Premiership. The cup will start in 5 days on the 27th July and is limited to 16 players. The first <b>4</b> players will receive a spot for our Premiership which will start in September. Furthermore we will start another Qualification Cup in August.

Friday, 17/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 19:47
Open Spring Cup - and the winner is...our dutchman <b>Dark_Dude</b> who could handle to beat <b>ricot</b> twice in the cup, with a 2:1 in the overall final and a 2:1 win in the winner bracket finals. He performed very well during this cup and suprised us with a win against the legend Hypno. The second place goes to ricot who could beat <b>mtw|RoxXx</b> in the lower bracket finals. So RoxXx reached the 3rd place in the Spring Cup.<br>

Thursday, 02/07

Unreal Tournament 3 | 21:02
ESL Unreal Tournament 3 1on1 PremiershipPremiership! UT3! The action is back on!

Wednesday, 13/05

Unreal Tournament 3 | 00:01
Cup updates and informationLegions! This will put some info out for the ones of you who felt lost in the cup.

Friday, 08/05

Unreal Tournament 3 | 00:06
UT3 EU wideLegions! Its time for a EU UT3 section, and from now on, everybody can join in!

Sunday, 26/04

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:04
Open Spring Cup 1on1 ***UPDATE 2***Legions! Get ready for competition! ESL will have an 1on1 UT3 Cup on May 9th!

Sunday, 19/04

Unreal Tournament 3 | 17:38
UTComp and FanstuffLegions! The new UTComp v4.2 beta has been released a few days ago.

Saturday, 04/04

Unreal Tournament 3 | 14:29
Unreal Tournament 3 Cup - The WinnerLegions! Some difficulties appeared but we have a winner here!
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