2on2 Summer League 2012: Winners!
Another season passed again giving place for the next ones but we also have our winners here! As for who exactly won this cup along with additional infos just read inside!

zilent Artist 2v2
M-X Scandic
1minute team

zilent Artist

"Even if we joined the cup later than the others, it was cool to be able to play some 2v2 TDM officials for the end of summer. For sure my favorite mode back in times. Nite did a good job administrating the cup like always letting us play after the cup already started to fill inactive teams. Of course i hope to see back more tdm cups like this in the future. Than i would get more prizes! ;) See you space cowboys. ACo-"

nite, Thursday, 20/09/12 16:57
Team Deathmatch 2on2 Summer League 2012
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