Welcome: Wire Anti-Cheat
As of this moment, we are at war against cheaters. I'm proud to announce Wire Anti-Cheat supports both UT 2004 and UT 3 from now on offering a better opportunity to play our games on a whole new level. Since this is the very first steps of our Wire in .UT there will be a Month test period when we'll try to sort out most of the technical issues we meet and nor PP or consequences comes from tech_failure. Read more about the details inside:

UPDATE: +Special rules

Install Wire (Download)
In case Wire unable to detect your games use the 'Add Game' to manually add your games
Matches have to be played using Wire Anti-Cheat
Match/Anti-Cheat/Time + Date in Screenshots have to be ticked in always

Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

UT 2004: 64bit users

As most of the 64bit users know about the 64bit fix that comes from Epic Games, the Wire usually detect the game by the default UT2004.exe
Simply rename your exe from ut2004-win64.exe to UT2004.exe and one of the ini file from ut2004-win64.ini to UT2004.ini and you are all set.

Usage: step by step

After a successful login all of your open matches will be visible under the 'Play' menu. >> Simply click on 'Launch game...'
On the next window tick-in every fields and click on 'Start' when you are ready.
Wire Anti-Cheat will do some preparation than you can continue your progress
You can define a key to take Screenshots. To do it, you must go to: Tools of ESL WIRE: Gaming - In Game - . If you click in this key, the WIRE will save the picture with the given settings ( date/time ) automatically.
At the end of the Match, you have to close the game and the ESL Wire gives you all the Screenshots that you took during your games, and one file 'Lag inspect'.
demos - just *.zip all your demos in one file and simply drag & drop it on the upload windows .
When you are all set just press the upload button and wait till the end of the progress.


From now on every Match that takes place on ESL have to be played through the Wire Anti-Cheat tool - not doing so on purpose will lead to default_loss and PP based on the actual case.

  • Should you require any help or got questions use one of the given form beneath - we'll help you !

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  • nite, Monday, 21/03/11 14:22
    Download ESL Wire
    Information about ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
    comments (7)
    Sounds like it's disturbing some fighters... Sounds like a good thing for others ;) (at least it is sucking to much processor or bandwidth to the old machines)
    1 edits
    no such thing, any machines that capable of running ut2k4 or ut3 should work just fine with the Wire
    1 edits
    to late
    cheaters gonna whine on this!
    "my comp is crashing"
    "ut is freezing"
    "cant demorec"
    its most likely need to be proven not just saying
    makes my ut laggy, and i don't cheat (watch my results i've -20 net each matchs :))
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