UT 2004 1on1 TOTALUNREAL - EuroCup
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Okay now, this will be the main forum where i'm counting on the players help or you can ask for a help if support ticket would fail emoticon-grin

The first thing will be the groups which is: 4player/group with two spot to playoff

Now, since I can't be aware of every single player's skill level, feel free to advise group structure (who-where) or by marking the players ~skill level.

This would help a lot emoticon-grin

note: there will be 3week signup period so we can work out fine groups
How can I quit from the cup? emoticon-smile
the easiest way would be to "forgot" putting you in a group emoticon-smile
u can put me instead :x
hmm nite, how to schedule a match? xD i feel like a nub!
MaRDuK wrote:
hmm nite, how to schedule a match? xD i feel like a nub!

ok done! emoticon-smile easier than it seemed!
nfo: playoff starts at April 5

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