silver vs. lexus
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MatchID 20609303
Date Sunday, 26/12/10 20:00
Calculated 14/01/11 17:03
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silver wins ! (Default Win)
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silver & lexus: before you guys play this down contact with zelzz ( if that match will be in the Top 2 highest vote_number in the poll ) about the coverage to find suitable date for everyone
im not here from 31th dec to 6th january....when do you wanna play lex?
and what servers are fine for you? nl (pallekulling)?
hi, before 30th dec for sure.. nl not so good.. better some .no or .se
doubt .no will be any fine for me. .se really depends on the hoster...anyway, we'll figure out an fair one.
dnno when im here next week but im idleing all the time in #esl.ut when im around.
shouldnt be any problem to catch me and play this down.
hello hell hello?:)
when do you want to play? just wed/thurs left :P
lexus, try to be avail. tomorrow as i hope the streaming should work that day afaik. if it isn't than after Jan. 6th ASAP
wanna play today? i'm on irc
hm.. just when you left lexus i found a mate and tested the streaming with him and its works now so inform us guys when will this match is going to be played as streaming is now works just fine
nite wrote:

* 2-3 days before the match
yo im back...when do you want to play?:)
i'll answer today.. maybe i'll not play this cup anymore
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for some reason the streaming just doesn't wanna work after the "update". play this down whenever u guys see each other

and lexus, decide you leave or play than. in case of playing ASAP and look for silver on irc
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