Sunday, 06/07

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 13:14
Summer Cups 2014Summer Season is in the corner so it's about time to open the sign-ups to the Summer Cups. Above the default Duel competitions we are hosting a 2on2 Team Arena Master cup as well based on it's successful past in the Spring Season. For more details, read on:

Thursday, 03/07

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 19:24
Spring Cups 2014: Winners are..The Spring Season ended thus we have our winners! Congrats to everyone who take part in this season, details about the following Summer Season to be Announced very soon!

Monday, 07/04

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 15:16
Spring Cups 2014: BracketsThe Spring Season Brackets are up so everyone who signed up should start scheduling their matches. Each mode got divided into 8 slot Premier and 16 slot Second Divisions to better accommodate the skill-range. It is nice to see that Team Arena Master kicked off with 22 teams, we are looking forward to host more cups in the future following this trail!

Sunday, 16/03

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 02:31
Spring Cups 2014Winter season is come to an End so it is about time to open the Spring Cups in 2014. This time we will host a 2on2 Team Arena Master cup upon the usual 1on1 cups we tend to host lately, more details inside:

Tuesday, 24/12

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 21:48
2on2 Christmas Cup!The year is coming to its end, Christmas is approaching. A sufficient reason to host another Special Cup!

Thursday, 19/12

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 19:00
Autumn Cup: Winners are..Another season passed once again and with it the Autumn Cup made it's final move and thus we have our winners here! Congrats to everyone who take part in this Cup and Marry Christmas to all of you!

Sunday, 08/09

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 17:11
1on1 Autumn Cup 2013Summer leaves and Autumn follows, thus it's about time to open the Autumn Cups in 2013. Just like before we'll start with a quick 7 days Groups to get everyone warmed up than playoffs will kick in the house:

Monday, 12/08

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 19:37
1on1 Spring Cup 2013 - Premier League: Winners!The Spring Cup 2013's Premier Division just made it's final move therefor we have our winners here:

Thursday, 01/08

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 20:32
1on1 Spring Cup 2013 - Second League: Winners!The Spring Cup 2013's Second Division just made it's final move therefor we have our winners here:

Thursday, 11/07

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 10:57
Summer Event of 2013Summer have always been about enjoying the well deserved holiday, traveling to new and exciting places but for the most to rest. In regard to this let me announce the 1on1 Summer Event for 2013, the Most Matches Competition for this Summer!

Monday, 27/05

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 18:39
1on1 Spring Cup 2013 - PlayoffsAs the group matches ended yesterday it is time to publish the playoff brackets for those who kept playing their matches.
Unreal Tournament 2004 | 16:54
1on1 Winter Cup 2012 - Premier League: Winners!While the Winter Cup is long ended nonetheless it is never too late to archive who exactly managed to climb the Top 3 position:

Friday, 03/05

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 15:31
1on1 Winter Cup 2012 - Second League: Winners!While the Winter Cup is long ended nonetheless it is never too late to archive who exactly managed to climb the Top 3 position:

Monday, 25/03

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 19:43
1on1 Spring Cup 2013Spring? Not really when looking outside. But that is no reason for us to hold on any longer for the next season. Sign-ups are open from as of this moment, join us today!

Tuesday, 26/02

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 01:09
Playoffs: The Winter Tournament Continues!Now that the group matches ended, the Playoffs kicks in with the players who were able to qualify and berth towards on the road. This time we have two playoffs to continue with: Premier & Second League!

Wednesday, 06/02

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 21:41
1on1 Autumn League 2012: Winners!Another season passed again giving place for the next ones that is already running under the Winter Premiership now but we also have our winners here! As for who exactly won this cup along with additional infos just read inside!

Saturday, 01/12

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 14:47
1on1: Winter Premiership 2012As previously we wrote about the changes in our upcoming Cups the 1on1 Winter Premiership 2012 kicks in at 23/12/2012! From as of this moment the Sing-ups are open for all, read about the details in the news:

Sunday, 18/11

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 20:32
Upcoming CupsFirst of all we have a completely new page the <a href="/eu/ut2004/cups/">Cup Portal</a>, dedicated to our upcoming events. Here you can see all the running cups, divisions and recently played matches along with additional entries that helps you get things done fast & easy!

Tuesday, 06/11

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 23:30
Start!From as of this moment the 2nd Country Championship has been started and all teams should start scheduling their matches ASAP and mark the possible dates in the match-comments. For general overview simply take a look on the <a href="/eu/ut2004/country_championship/2012/">main page</a>.

Wednesday, 31/10

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 02:21
3..2..1..It is time to put together the teams we have so every Captain who signed should ASAP - in 5 days - create his or her team and start inviting his or her players in it! In those cases where the Captains are already the member of that team which played in 2011 should use that team again. As for those teams where only the position changed - player to captain, captain to player etc. - just hand over the permission by Team Control Center > Permissions if necessary. In any other case go ahead and register the team of your Country but be aware of giving a Short-hand name of it which should be the 3 letter version - Germany=GER, France=FRA, and so on - of your Country. Need help ? Open a ticket or find us on #esl.ut !

Wednesday, 10/10

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 18:27
Country ListSo far we got 8 Countries for this Championship but theres still plenty of time to sign up for this special cup! All you need to do is gathering min. 3 capable player from your nationality and mark yourself as a Captain in the comments! Meanwhile heres a little map with the Countries that are in the tournament so far:

Monday, 01/10

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 16:33
VOTEJust like before the time has come to vote for our captains! Simple as that just leave your vote in the comments and keep in mind: only the -> Nationality <- matters both for who you can legitimately vote for and who can be picked by the captains

Friday, 21/09

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 14:47
Country Championship 2012I'm proud to announce the next Country Championship coming soon! The tradition of Team Deathmatch once again kicks in just like the predecessor did in 2011 with great success that we intend to continue with each passing year.

Thursday, 20/09

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 17:10
1on1  Autumn League 2012Another season passed again so here it comes the Autumn along with its cup! Compared to the previous tournaments there no changes should be expected just the usual for now so if you are intend to sign-up just read on:
Unreal Tournament 2004 | 16:57
2on2 Summer League 2012: Winners!Another season passed again giving place for the next ones but we also have our winners here! As for who exactly won this cup along with additional infos just read inside!

Friday, 15/06

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 02:27
1on1 Spring League 2012: Winners!44 players from all over Europe signed up for this League and the Matches took over 2 Months due to the Double-Elimination system we used. As for who exactly won this tournament and for some additional infos just read inside:

Sunday, 10/06

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 13:04
2on2 Summer League 2012As for something new to happen, this time we'll host a Team Deathmatch 2on2 for the Summer instead of 1on1! While the settings are the "usual" the map-pool is up to the signed up teams and the top8 voted maps will be used. How-to or where-to vote? Just read-on!

Tuesday, 06/03

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 00:55
1on1 Spring League 2012Delayed but just like before the seasonal league is coming in from of Spring this time! We'll keep our tradition by focusing on 1on1 with 32 slot with Double Elimination System. As for changes theres only one thing to mention which is from now on server-tick 60 must be used. For further infos read in-side!

Saturday, 12/11

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 12:47
1on1 Winter League 2011As Winter is coming new Seasonal League Opens just like before! As our previous Leagues so does the Winter will attend as 1on1 so look no further if you're looking for quality matches! From now on every bigger matches can be followed via UTV so just sit back and enjoy the show. Registration ends: 01/12/11 00:00

Sunday, 07/08

Unreal Tournament 2004 | 17:29
1on1 Autumn League 2011With new seasons coming new seasonal league starts yet again! As our previous leagues so does the Autumn will going to be 1on1 so search no more if you are looking for some quality matches! Just spend your free-time with your favourite game during the Autumn and enjoy the show since we are intend to video-stream the most entertaining matches Live! Read about the additional details inside:
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