Cup Tourney - #1 NW
We are proud to announce the first cup out of four summercups we planned for you!
This time you will fight with the normal weapons of UT2004 to destroy your opponents to giblets. So have no mercy and play as hard as you can to win the Summer Award in one of the four cups!!!
The cup is played in single-elimination to make your summer hotter than ever and we also have some prizes for you! The first, second and third placed players will get a period of free ESL-Premium and an entry in the hall of fame!
Especially for this four summer cups the first player recieve the Summer Award!!!

Signup is open now!

UT2004 1on1 Cup Tourney - #1 NW
Cupdetails Mode: 1on1
 Contestants: 32 Players
 Roundtime: 15 Minutes
 Cupmode: Single Elimination
 Cupstart: 02.08.2009 18.00 CEST

Requirements, Sign-In and Rules
Requirements Contact, UT2004 GUID
 You can sign in here
Rules The ESL UT2004 1on1 Rules matter
UTComp and Anti-TCC are mandatory


Place one will receive this special league award!!!

If you have any questions or need help, please contact an admin on #esl.ut (Quakenet). Please post your questions directly into the channel and do not query the admins.

The admin team wishes you Good Luck & Have Fun!
LexX, Monday, 13/07/09 13:05
UT 2004 1on1 1on1 Cup Tourney - #1 NW
1on1 Cup Tourney - #1 NW - Grid
1on1 Cup Tourney - #1 NW - Signup
comments (12)
n1 !
So go for it :D
probably an fail again. :]
hopefully not ;)
not this time for sure ;P
1 edits
hm i would like to play, but im on holidays :o
Should be ok for me :)
nw :(
Only the first three Cups are NW, novinHa
yuhu i´m win
what about prizes and next tournaments ? :o)
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