1on1 Spring League 2012
Delayed but just like before the seasonal league is coming in from of Spring this time! We'll keep our tradition by focusing on 1on1 with 32 slot with Double Elimination System. As for changes theres only one thing to mention which is from now on server-tick 60 must be used. For further infos read in-side!

UT 2004 1on1 Winter League 2011: Winners!

1. mino

2. astz

3. ACo-

UT 2004 1on1 Spring League 2012

   Date: default date is Sunday 20:00 CET
   Mode: 1on1 Bo3
   Links: Settings, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Restrictions: entered UT2004 GUID , Wire Anti-Cheat
   Signup: 05.03.12 20:00 - 30/03/12 20:00

Prizes (Restriction: 32 players participate)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Spring League Award

For support please contact us in #esl.ut via IRC or webIRC


Admin team
nite, Tuesday, 06/03/12 00:55
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