zelvzz vs. Beast
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MatchID 19105253
Date Sunday, 18/07/10 20:00
Calculated 21/07/10 15:44
thirdmap Random
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DM-1on1-Backspace-FE 1 : 0
DM-1on1-Backspace-FE :
zelvzz wins !
Points +2 : 0
comments (9)
hey, when can ya play?
Today at 18.00 ?
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try make this match happen, also use #esl.ut since its a restriction

deadline: 48h from now
No chanche to contact him...
I'm there every day I'm on #esl.ut and I can say that you didn't try to contact me coz I got a bouncer and I don't have any message of you. :)
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Beast wrote:
No chanche to contact him...

since i never saw you there while zelvz always available there can't do nothing except forfeit loss.
omg im not a nerd and be online the hole day. i added u in xfire but nothing happened...what else should i do? But...doesent matter...
u don't need to pick him up on xfire nore anywhere else, only #esl.ut

its for a purpose to avoid n+1 contact platform that may never happen. also u dont have to be online 24/7, just be on it when you able to play and/or making schedule

also feel free to play this down and i'll update the details
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