Playoffs update
Division 3 already finished the season - congratulations for the winner =SC= clan and all other fighting to the end. We also want to remind a few teams from higher Divisions to play their matches as soon as possible.

Current Matches

There are still matches open in Division 1 and Division 2 - FOX vs not and Haagenti vs Mestres in Division 1, Luso vs aCe in Division 2.

We forced these clans to play their matches on Wednesday 21:00 CEST, they may reschedule them until Monday next week. Each team get detailed info via e-mail messages.

In Division 3 =SC= made the final and won vs $RN yesterday. $RN got the 2nd place and WU fought vs 2s2h for the 3rd place, which WU won.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that one of our head admins left (elg), and with him guys which wanted to pay prizes, we can't give out any of the prizes as we wanted to do.
Azul, Monday, 07/06/10 13:05
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anyone still play here??
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