***UPDATE*** Tribes:Ascend Winter Cup
Another year, another season cup. Tonight we want to present you the ESL Winter cup 2013. Read on for more information about the European cup!


With this news we introduce the european Winter Cup. Check out the following announcement for the North American Cup:

Announcement on nationalesl.com

Tribes:Ascend Winter Cup 2013

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Signup: 03/01/13 - 27/01/13
Cup Period: 27/01/13 - 10/03/13
Slots: 16
Mode: 7v7 CTF Double Elimination
Support: via Support ticket & #esl.tribes
Mappool: Drydock, Crossfire, Arx Novena, Katabatic, Raindance, Tartarus, Dangerous Crossing
Match Mode: best of three(bo3)
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Rules: Ruleset (subject to change)
Schedule (Defaultdates)

03/01/13 Signup start
27/01/13 Signup end (18:00 CET)
27/01/13 Round 1 (20:00 CET)

Since we added 1 week in between the matchdates it is possible to reschedule the match. In case of problems contact the admins via support ticket or IRC.


Gold prizes are for the entire team to be split between players

Team Prizes
PlaceTeam Reward
1st 8000 gold + a signed photo of the Hi-Rez staff
2nd 6000 gold
3rd 4000 gold

Winter Cup 2013

1. 7 ESL Premium accounts worth 3 months
2. 7 ESL Premium accounts worth 2 months
3. 7 ESL Premium accounts worth 1 month

In addition, at the Winner of Winter Cup Play Off 2013, will be assigned the Winter Award on Team info page (16 Teams are necessary).



If you do not own a server but you want to play in the Winter Cup feel free to open a support. You will receive a response with the password and the server you could use for the cup!

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Your Admin team
Face, Tuesday, 15/01/13 23:14
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