Tribes:Ascend ESL EU Invitational - The Grand Final
Today we are going to present you the Grand finals for the ESL Invitational!

Sadly we have to announce that the winners of the PGW 2012, heartbreakerz, told us that they are not able to continue in the Invitational. Therefore .idk? will advance directly into the Grand Final against nevermind (who won yesterday with 2:1 against Pomf).
Because of these changes Pomf is automatically awarded with the 3rd place. But that does not mean that we have only 1 match tonight!

Showmatch: Pomf vs. Jazzbots - 17/12/12 20:00 CET

Before the Grand final of the first Invitational in the history of the ESL will take place we have a showmatch for you: Pomf vs. Jazzbots .

The match will start around 20:00 CET and the casters are:

Main caster: Bart @HiRezBart Koenigsberg (Community manager T:A) , Charlie @stowawaytribes Thomas (BtbP) & Grimble (Production)

Grand Final: .idk? vs. nevermind - 17/12/12 21:00 CET

Since heartbreakerz can´t continue to play .idk? will advance directly into the Grand Final!

Main caster: Bart @HiRezBart Koenigsberg (Community manager T:A) , Charlie @stowawaytribes Thomas (BtbP) & Grimble (Production)

Monday, 17/12/12 21:00
Status: closed

 nevermind (#2)[0:2] I Don t Know? (#1)

Livestream / Viewer giveaways / Prizes

Every match will be broadcasted live on the official Hi-Rez Tribes:Ascend channel!

The following prizes are sponsored by Hi-Rez Studios!

1st 500 gold + Skin + a voice pack of choice
2nd 350 gold + Skin
3rd Skin

But not only the players have the chance to win prizes! Also every viewer who is online during the broadcast has the chance to win codes for gold / skins or voice packs! All you need is to grab a drink and watch the matches!

Ruleset / Map pool

You could find the complete ruleset here

Map pool: Drydock, Crossfire, Arx Novena, Katabatic, Raindance, Tartarus, Dangerous Crossing


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Your Admin team

Face, Monday, 17/12/12 00:28
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