EU Autumncup Final - LIVESTREAM
After 2 months and a lot of awesome matches we have our Grand Final for the Autumncup 2012 in T:A! IBN will broadcast the final so tune in tonight to watch the match between "Heartbreakerz" and ."idk?"! IBN will provide the livestream and w1nters and Dodgepong are your casters for the match.
Read on for more information!

-3- VS .idk?

Sunday, 16/12/12 20:00
Status: closed

 I Don t Know? (#1) [11:3]  heartbreakerz (#2)


The match will be broadcasted by IBN - Independent Broadcast Network. Make sure you follow them on Twitch for more T:A action!

The main caster for the match are w1nters and Dodgepong!

Watch live video from ibn1 on www.twitch.tv

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Face, Sunday, 16/12/12 02:21
IBN 1 twitch channel
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