Tribes:Ascend ESL EU Invitational
With the EU and NA tournaments well under way, ESL is proud to announce the first ESL EU Invitational bracket!

We have invited the top teams from our ESL cups to come along and duke it out for prizes and bragging rights, while being broadcasted live to the fans thanks to our official casters!

Read on for more information!

The teams


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Mono eSports


Note: Although the tournament is called "EU Invitational" we decided to invite the north american team "Mono eSports" as well. The reason is their performance during the PGW Qualifiers and the EU Autumncup! To even the latency issues a bit we decided to force London as server region for every NA vs EU match.


09/12/12 Quarter final 1: Mono eSports vs nevermind
09/12/12 Quarter final 2: UE vs Pomf
10/12/12 Quarter final 3: -3- vs Pelican
10/12/12 Quarter final 4: idk? vs Flamboyant
16/12/12 Semi final 1: Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 2
17/12/12 Semi final 2: Winner QF 3 vs Winner QF 4
17/12/12 Grand Final: Winner SF 1 vs SF 2

The brackets will be done via a lucky draw. Four teams have been seeded into each quarter final and will have a blind pick of their opponents (using an envelope system).
The captain of each team will pick an envelope on a date to be announced, and within that will be contained the name of the team they are to face.

The picks will be decided live on Behind the blue Plate, hosted by @docmatrix and @stowawaytribes! So make sure you tune in for the weekly T:A podcast on Wednesday 21:00 CET (14:00 EST)!


The confirmed casters for the matches are:

James @docmatrix Pollock (PGW 2012 / BtbP)
Charlie @stowawaytribes Thomas (BtbP)
@doclettuce (TheYodelcast)
Bart @HiRezBart Koenigsberg (Community manager T:A)
Adam @HiRezAPC Mierzejewski (Community manager T:A)

Production and additional content: Grimble


The entire stream schedule and the information regarding the channels will be announced very soon!


The following prizes are sponsored by Hi-Rez Studios!

1st 500 gold + Skin + a voice pack of choice
2nd 350 gold + Skin
3rd Skin

But not only the players have the chance to win prizes! Also every viewer who is online during the broadcast has the chance to win codes for gold / skins or voice packs! All you need is to grab a drink and watch the matches!


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Your Admin team

Face, Tuesday, 20/11/12 19:56
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