Tribes: Ascend CTF Ruleset & XonX Poll
As with most competitive titles, the ruleset to be used for competition is still to be agreed on by the community. The key question in Tribes: Ascend is: 7on7 or 8on8?
While 7on7 is the ruleset currently favoured for competition, a large part of the community is pushing for 8on8. Both rulesets have their pros, cons and reasons, but it is in the end up to the community to decide what to play.

Therefore, we are having a poll for teams to vote for their preferred ruleset.

Sign-up to the ladder to secure your team's vote

In order to ensure that the poll is decided by teams that will actually play, it is necessary for your team to sign up to the ESL Tribes: Ascend CTF Ladder to vote. There is one vote per team.

How to sign-up

  1. All of your players must register on the ESL.

    Click here to register

  2. All of your players must register their Tribes: Ascend nickname as an ESL gameaccount.

    Click here to register your gameaccount

  3. Your team leader must register your team on ESL.

    Click here to register your team

  4. Your team leader must set your team's password and tag.

    Click here to manage your teams (go to Manage Team->Edit team)

  5. All of your players must join the team on ESL.

    Click here to join a team

  6. When all players are in the team, with their Tribes: Ascend gameaccounts entered, the team leader must sign-up

    Click here to sign-up
After your team has been accepted to the ladder (team leader will receive an email), the leader will be able to vote once for the team in the poll.

Go to the poll

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TheRogue, Monday, 14/05/12 17:10
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