SFL Playoffs - *Update* Finals
Final round is coming up! The first - and probably last fullspeed league has approached the ultimate state. Find more info in this news.


Now the final group is ready to fight! Please start finding a suitable date for your match!
We ask you, if possible, to announce a server/relay (if there is one)!

Here we go with the Final group:

Final group

Final: Datefinding matchsheet

In case you will have trouble to find a matchdate for Semifinals, we will set a mandatory date again.


Alltogether the six special maps will be played in this Playoffs. There will be three maps for each round. You have to play 7 rounds on each. After 21 rounds (3x7), the two players with the most points qualify for the next round.

RoundMap 1Map 2Map 3
ESL - GreyhoundESL - ButterflyESL - Ressurection

Server settings:

For the Servers that are hosted for the playoffs, we please you to stick to the following server settings:

Mode: Cup
Warmup duration: 2-
Disable Respawn: Yes
Points: 500 (you will play 7 rounds on 3 maps, therefore the limit doesn't matter - only must be high)
Rounds/Challenge: 7
Cup Winners: 0
Point system: Formula 1 < 2009 (10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1)

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Sunday, 08/07/12 21:38
comments (18)
now we have the groups we wont...
1st semi group members will possibly be decided by defwins and 2nd one is packed like hell
seriously... these groups are fail :D
but i am fine with it :>
Just think, what if all best players DID play this competition instead of giving a damn about it

So much about that
3 edits
but in this case the semifinal will be MORE interesting than the finals for sure. <.<
Dunno if i randomized it or put in order by my own opinion, would have there been any flaws about that? ;p

Next time!
and updated again :)
"probably last fullspeed league" ? :(
next time hopefully with better timing^^ Driving a 1o1o1o1 in a 1o1 league is a bit weird cause of more opponents.
In 1o1o1o1 you should never fail while in a 1o1 it doesn´t matter you can still win the next round^^ :D
And a better groupsheet should be placed cause driving always against the same is a bit weird x)
But the event is quite nice besides a SPS :)
so GJ and Good Luck for the finalists
Like me... <--- failbob :D

All in all i speak on behalf of all drivers : Thanks to ALL Admins who made everything possible !!!

Thank you to be a part of the Tm-Community ! =)

Trackmania Speed will never die!
smog wrote:
"probably last fullspeed league" ? :(

Well in solo mode...simply no interest :/ Too much of 'iduncare' approaches

Me in a final-> no way :P
1 edits
Let me drive ;)
rasque wrote:
Well in solo mode...simply no interest :/ Too much of 'iduncare' approaches

you will find that in every tournament :/
but there are also people who are interested in driving such an event and would be happy if there will be another SFL :)
just can quote that :)
true that
Rasque going for the W!! watch out :)
Rasque da beast! Good luck!
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