EMS IX TMNF & CAP 8: Playdays 4 & 5
And again another playday of the EMS IX TMNF and the CAP 8 ended. Let's take a look at what happened last weekend and what consequnces it has for both competitions. Also we will take a closer look at the upcoming playday! Again we want to mention that this weekend the default date for all EMS and CAP matches is Sunday, 19.00 CET!

EMS: Playday 3

With the end of Playday 3 the group stage of the EMS IX TMNF is half done!

waterBottle TM2S won their second match 6:0 against Underground Motorsport of FIN, that lost both matches so far. Therefore the Germans are in the lead with 6 points now, followed by Mouse Control with 3 points.

The closest group is B, just like most people expected it. At the moment Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS is in the lead with 7 points after they've beaten dac-SP with 5:1. The german team fell back on the 3rd place (4 points) so, being caught by mythiX eSport (5 points), that was able to defeat 3DMAX.Thermaltake 6:0. After three losses the french team seems to have no chances of reaching the playoffs anymore, so there's gonna be a fight between the other 3 teams for gaining a playoff spot!

In group C the british giants met, but the result was clearer than expected. Team Dignitas.TM2S showed an impressive performance and didn't let BX3.TP-Link even win one single submatch! Still both teams are in the lead, now followed by GamersLeague with 3 points. The big question will be if the team from Norway can catch BX3.TP-Link, or if they can't!

Also the first real match has been driven in group D now. The clear favourite Team GAMED.DE defeated National Racing Club 5:1!

EMS: Playday 4 - top matches!

The next playday promises to become very exciting. Let's start with group A,
where Mouse Control will try their best to beat waterBottle TM2S. If they manage it, they have realistic chances to finish even on the first place in this group. However, if they don't make it, then the german team is already qualified for the playoffs!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 waterBottle TM2.. (#1)[4:2] Mouse Control (#9)

In the next group, B, the two first placed teams will meet! If Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS wins it, they are more or less qualified for the playoffs, however they will meet mythiX eSport, that are actually the small favourite for this match; according to their statement from last match they are trying to reach the first place in this group. To accomplish that, they must win this match!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 mythiX eSport (#2)[6:0] Team Infused.Tt.. (#6)

Last but not least there is group C, where GamersLeague is playing their "Final" against BX3.TP-Link. Their only chance is to win this match, otherwise they can't reach the playoffs anymore!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 BX3.TP-Link (#7)[6:0] GamersLeague (#11)

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CAP 8: Playday 4

But of course there haven't been EMS matches only, also the CAP passed another playday. Let's see what happened!

The 2nd division is still crazy close. Now there are 6 teams in the lead within 2 points!!! Most of all the comeback of wX.Group by Crew.sk is impressive. After their 5:1 victory over eEriness TMNF, which is their second win in a row, they are now on the 4th place already. But not only the czech team won the last two matches; also the currently leading teams, Rule them All and BadBoys did so, after they've defeated Bullracing / Against All Authority with 4:2 both! On the other hand the german and the french team had to suffer two losses now, but they are still very close behind the top, after they've led the field after Playday 2!

The situation in the 3rd division is still quite interesting aswell. While the top match between Drivers From Finland and Wings of Speed ended 3:3, the two leading teams, A New Era (12 points) and Seven Eleven (9 points) won their matches 6:0, keeping their very good position. Miracle Group is on the 4th place with 7 points now, closely behind the finish team because of a worse score difference, after reaching a draw against Tt Dragons.

Another great group: A from division 4. Two teams managed to set a gap between themselves and the chasing teams now: nSpire and Phenix-GaminG.TMNF have collected 10 points so far. They both won very important matches last playday. The swedish team defeated MaDrivers Team 6:0, while the Frenchs beat dac-SP-2- 6:0. The german team fell back on the 6th place now, having 5 points, because International Racing Clan (7 points) and CZManiaci (6 points) won their matches!

In group B there are two teams in front aswell, though T.Squad TMNF.CPS even managed to win all matches so far, while Virtual Xtreme Artillery.TMNF had one draw! They won their last match closely with 4:2 against eSports United.CPS though, that still got 6 points so, being 1 point behind Team Jeux now. They've reached a draw, as TEAM 4O2 (2 points) gave them a great fight. On the other hand Only For Fun won their first match this season - 4:2 against f1nerds.cap - and are now on the 6th place with 4 points!

Group A of the 5th division became a lot closer due to the last playday! One thing hasn't changed though: RESET.TMNF still didn't lose any submatch! However, behind them there are three teams with 9 points now: orKs.TM2 winning 6:0 against FakedGaming due to a no-show (the german team will quit this season unfortunately), E.E.cps, that didn't have a chance against the first placed team in the top match, and Easy.eSports winning 6:0 against Insects! So there will surely be a great fight for the 2nd and 3rd position here!

In the other group, B, there is a very similar situation. Green Blaze Clan won all matches and is in the lead! IMPACT# TrackMania and Skill Decided both got 9 points, after the ukrainian team won the direct fight between them with 4:2. Fly racers got 9 points aswell, followed by A New Era of Xtremeness and THI esports with 6 points. So just like in group A, it looks like the first place is quite safe, while the teams behind the top are very, very close together!

CAP: Playday 5 - top matches!

2nd division

A very interesting match will be between Druidz.TM, that have won their last match, and Bullracing. The german team lost the last two matches and is under big pressure now, because another loss would mean that they have no chances anymore to reach a top position in the end. Almost the same goes for the swedish team, since they only got 1 point more at the moment. Be prepared for a hot fight!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 Bullracing (#1)[6:0] Druidz.TM (#31)

3rd division

In the 3rd division A New Era will have to proof themselves once more. After being the dominating force so far, they will now have to fight against the 3rd placed team, Drivers From Finland. Will the finish team be the first one beating them this season? Or is the international team following its path to a well deserved first place in the end?

Monday, 05/12/11 20:15
Status: closed

 A New Era (#2)[5:1] Drivers From Fi.. (#14)

4th division

They both gained 7 points so far, and are sharing the 3rd place at the moment due to the same score difference: MaDrivers Team and International Racing Clan. So can we expect a draw here? The answer is 'who knows..?', since it's very hard to predict such things. One thing is sure though, if there's gonna be a winner, then this team made a big accomplish and an important step forward!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 MaDrivers Team (#9)[6:0] International R.. (#21)

In group B the 2nd and 3rd placed teams will meet. If Virtual Xtreme Artillery.TMNF wins, then it looks like the top2 are fixed for this group; therefore Team Jeux will have to reach at least a draw against the 2nd placed team. Will they be able to do so?

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 Team Jeux (#28)[3:3] Virtual Xtreme .. (#10)

5th division

Just like in group B of division 4, there will also be the fight between place 2 and 3 in group A here! But here both teams got the same amount of points before the match, 9. Who will have 12 after this match, and who will stay at 9. Or will both end up with 10? orKs.TM2 and E.E.cps will answer these questions!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 E.E.cps (#11)[5:1] orKs.TM2 (#17)

And it might be a case for the Mythbusters, but in group B there is exactly the same scenario! The same situation, and therefore also the same questions must be asked for the match between IMPACT# TrackMania and Fly racers!

Sunday, 04/12/11 19:00
Status: closed

 Fly racers (#24)[3:3] IMPACT# TrackMa.. (#30)

We want to wish all teams best luck and lots of fun!!

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    #1 couldn't put it any better
    Group A of the 5th division became a lot closer due to the last playday! One thing hasn't changed though: RESET still didn't lose any submatch

    Love this one!
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    i'll keep it up.. :p
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