CAP 9: The Divisions
Let's go! A new edition of the Competition Amateur Premiership is starting. After the Signups just finished, all the groups and divisions are ready! We want to wish all participants best luck and a lot of fun in the upcoming weeks!

CAP 9 Matches & Rankings

Both will be created during the weekend!

CAP 9 Group Constitution

Yesterday the Late Signup for the Competition Amateur Premiership 9 ended, so we have a fixed amount of teams now. Below you can see all groups and divisions for the next season! Remember that the 1st Division is the EMS.

2nd Division

  • A New Era
  • dac-SP
  • Druidz.TM
  • Mouse Control TMNF
  • Against All Authority
  • Seven Eleven
  • EvC DarkTeam
  • Team Iconic.CPS

  • 3rd Division

  • Drivers From Finland
  • Miracle Group
  • T.Squad TMNF.CPS
  • MaDrivers Team
  • Naughty Team Xtreme
  • KnifeParty
  • Insight Gaming
  • Fusion.Gaming.CAP

  • 4th Division

    Group A:
  • E.E.cps
  • eSports United.CPS
  • National Racing Club
  • Phenix-GaminG.TMNF
  • TEAM 4O2
  • Virtual Xtreme Artillery.TMNF
  • Seven Eleven II
  • Group B:
  • Fanatics! Warriors
  • International Racing Clan
  • Only For Fun
  • A New Era Community Team
  • Funteam!
  • IMPACT# TrackMania
  • eScaven Racing
  • Gang Of Drivers

  • 5th Division

    Group A:
  • FNoobs
  • Mine Raccoon Terror!
  • Sk8 Club
  • Hardware Arena Gaming
  • ESL sQuad
  • Spanish Racing Team
  • Team Blacktown
  • Vai
  • Group B:
  • dac-SP-2-
  • Easy.eSports
  • Dieux Du Pieu
  • Planetkey-Dynamics
  • Imperial Residents .CPS
  • Not an Issue
  • New Team trackmania
  • new world order

  • Group C:
  • Cradle of Speed
  • orKs.TM2
  • Team Q
  • AirForceOne.CAP
  • myRevenge e.V. TMNF
  • pro. Team !
  • Tsunami Team
  • very short players
  • Group D:
  • Authentik-Gamers
  • Blacklegend-esl
  • Explode ft. Alcyon
  • Red Clan
  • Team WASN
  • TRTeam
  • X-treme Speed Team
  • Insects

  • Good luck and have fun !!!

    Important Links

    CAP 9 Rulebook
    CAP 9 Schedule

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       ESL TMNF Admins!
    joey, Friday, 04/05/12 16:33
    comments (25)
    My suggestion for next CAP is to make division 6 sence its so many teams in 5.
    Place 5-8 in each group in div 5 goes down to 6 next year, something like that

    otherwise very nice!:)
    1 edits
    gogo :)
    ntx in 3rd div.
    vsp in 5th div.
    senseless ftw
    maybe they wanted to play 5th division groovy
    "Yesterday the Late Signup for the Competition Amateur Premiership 8 ended, ..." fail :p

    gogo !!
    Gabbo wrote:
    "Yesterday the Late Signup for the Competition Amateur Premiership 8 ended, ..." fail :p

    :P fixed
    gogog bees :)
    Na we dont wanted to play 5th Arni :D
    Respect to Third Division, I can understand that the top four teams play in it. The rest of teams have some players that played the last edition in teams of Second League and even EMS, but other teams of this group that didnt even play the last edition and play Third Division now.

    I dont understand how teams like n!faculty, ddp, vsp or xs-t play on fifth year and others teams with the same merit as them play on third league..

    The players have to respect the decision of the admins but I think in another editions this didnt happen.

    gl all teams! g0 season9!
    GL & HF to all teams
    Biggest +1 for JasspeR !!
    gl hf all
    You are dissapointed about league which you'll play this season? Write support ticket with your complaint and we'll answer it in private way. Thank you for understanding.
    2 edits
    I know you've been asked the same question by some other people, but it was just a simple comment.
    I repeat that the teams have to respect these decisions. We have been playing for more than 4 years, just to let you know =)

    GL & HF again!
    You have your reasons to put a team in this div. and another in this. I think it doesnt change anything when we know it correctly!
    Its your decision we have to accept it but i think we dont have to understand it as well ..
    1 edits
    i can understand that you are disappointed about not playing in div 3 jassper, but you should also consider that your team played 2 weak seasons in a row now. We had lots of wildcards for div 3 and to me the other teams deserve that place more than you do, because you missed your chance the last 2 seasons. so i think its right to give them a chance to proof themselves in div 3 now, while you had that chance already. all of them got good lineups.. so we will see if it was the correct decision in some weeks.

    about your points groovy: i honestly dont know what your problem is.
    did your team play the last season? -> No
    did you write a wildcard? -> No
    in which div do you play so? -> 5th
    only one of the new teams that didnt write a wildcard was put into 4th div, as there was exactly one spot left.
    what did you except so?
    Its okay joey ;) I only cant understand why a wildcard is so important to get 1 or 2 div's higher because everyone can write such a wildcard and it doesnt change the skill of your team.
    But apparently its more important than anything else.
    So its our own fault that we did not write one and so we have to play 5th.

    And now lets have a nice season and gl and hf to all
    1 edits
    TRT team <3
    GL & HF :)
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