SFL&SPS5: Playoffs + Specialmap F
The groupstage phase for our 1on1 Fullspeed League has ended, and hereby we want to announce the Playoffs! Also you can find the last specialmap for the spring season in this news. The last special is also used in SPS5 Playoffs & Relegations!


After the last playday, we have the best 16 participants. The Playoffs will be held in Cupmode, which means that there will be four cuptrees for each group (4x4). Each best two drivers will advance to the next round until the Final, where the ultimate positions are going to be known.

The groups will look like as below:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


Because of soccer issues, we tried to find some suitable days for you to avoid absences.

1st round (4 matches): 24th June - 26th June (Sunday-Tuesday)
2nd round+ Final (2+1 matches): 29th June - 1st July (Friday - Sunday)

About finding a date
As you are driving four people together, one match page will be told as your main thread to discuss about your match date/time! These are:

Quarter - Group A: Find a date!
Quarter - Group B: Find a date!
Quarter - Group C: Find a date!
Quarter - Group D: Find a date!

Semi-final - Group A: Soon!
Semi-final - Group B: Soon!

Final: Soon!


Alltogether the six special maps will be played in this Playoffs. There will be three maps for each round. You have to play 7 rounds on each. After 21 rounds (3x7), the two players with the most points qualify for the next round.

Here you can find the last special map which will be ESL - Butterfly! by eK.Smart.

>>Download Specialmap F<<

RoundMap 1Map 2Map 3
ESL - pascow! ESL - PoisonESL - Raise Your Weapon!
ESL - GreyhoundESL - RessurectionESL - Butterfly
ESL - GreyhoundESL - ButterflyESL - Ressurection

Server settings:

For the Servers that are hosted for the playoffs, we please you to stick to the following server settings:

Mode: Cup
Warmup duration: 2-
Disable Respawn: Yes
Points: 500 (you will play 7 rounds on 3 maps, therefore the limit doesn't matter - only must be high)
Rounds/Challenge: 7
Cup Winners: 0
Point system: Formula 1 < 2009 (10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1)

SPS5 Playoffs&Relegations News

For the Playoffs & Relegations the following maps will be used:

PlaydayMap A (1on1+2on2)Map B (3on3)Map C (5on5)

The dates of the upcoming matches depend on the teams! However, we would be glad if the remaining matches would not take more than two weeks! Last date for playing Playoffs& Relegations matches: 8th July. If there will not be any development about agreeing a date until a few days before that date, the admin staff will decide about the outcome of the season.

Our partners

AVP-Action.de: Server & Coverage

Fragster: German news

Stay informed!

Follow ESL_Trackmania on Twitter

//Your Admin team
Rasque, Tuesday, 19/06/12 02:05
Download Specialmap F
Quarter - Group A Tournament tree
Quarter - Group B Tournament tree
Quarter - Group C Tournament tree
Quarter - Group D Tournament tree
SPS5 Playoffs Tournament tree
SPS5 Relegations Tournament tree
comments (18)
All other mappers can now release their maps. Thanks all for sending, it was a hard choice =)
so we have to play best of 7 instead of limit of 7?
After 7 rounds, the game should change the map. 7 rounds on each map and after 3x7 rounds, the actual standing will define the result. So yeah, as you said. Actually, bo21, on 3 maps.
1 edits
why only 2guys of every group :(
and how did woki got into the playoffs as third of the group? :D
after more won rounds
if 2 players (the 2nd and 3rd) have the same points after all maps are played, what happens then?
your match with Flitzer decided your qualification


Please watch out where you are talking with your opponents!

The playoffs arent in 1v1 mode but in 1v1v1v1 (Cupmode), so use the given match sheet as told in the news. It is always the final of the cuptree btw.
3 edits
nice, but why didnt you make the groups by 'throwing a dice' ? you made them with the given order right? the winners of groups a and b are pretty much obvious now..
could have been more shuffled imo
1 edits
Group C is sick :o
nope rasque i meant the 1v1v1v1 cup ;)
Oh I see!

Then play the match until the first clear ranking (so then it should start again with the first map).
pls dont set group C + D in semifinals :D
BooZe wrote:
pls dont set group C + D in semifinals :D

C+D @ semifinals and we will have a very boring final :O
1 edits
de groups of the quarterfinals were already strange
+1 lx
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