Competition TMM Cup #1 - Finished!
A few weeks ago we announced a partnership between the TM Masters and ESL TMNF. Now the first bigger step for you, the players, will be made by organising a Cup where the current TMM mappack will be used!

And the winners are..




Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants!

Update: Extra Information

  • Join Public Relay

  • Cup Template

  • Support on #esl.tm , you can join it via the Cup Template

  • Keep in mind that you can only play the Cup if you do the Check-In

  • TM Masters

    The TM Masters is one of the biggest tournaments in TMNF and will take place from February until early May. As we announced it a few weeks ago we are scheduling the next edition of EMS and CAP according to the TMM. Therefore we want to wish all teams best luck and lots of fun in the TM Masters!

    Signup & Check-In & Cup schedule

    The Cup is scheduled to Sunday afternoon, 4th March, and will start at 15.30 CET with the Check-In and will end about 20.00 CET (for the players who reach the grand final). You can signup here:

    Signup for Competition TMM Cup #1

    The amount of players will be limited to 64. However, every player who signed up can only play the Cup incase he does the Check-In, which must be done from 15.30 - 15.40 CET.


    Incase not 64 players did the Check-In, and there are still some free spots, players who haven't signed up yet can still get into the Cup via late signup.

    Most important dates (all on Sunday, 4th March):

  • Check-In: 15.30 - 15.40 CET

  • Late Signup: 15.40 - 15.55 CET

  • Cup seeding and start: ~ 15.55 CET

  • Round 1 - 1on1: starts about ~ 16.00 CET

  • Round 2 - 1on1: starts about ~ 16.45 - 17.00 CET

  • Round 3/Quarterfinals - 1v1v1v1: starts about ~ 17.45 CET

  • Round 4/Semifinals - 1v1v1v1: starts about ~ 18.30 CET

  • Round 5/Grand Final - 1v1v1v1: starts about ~ 19.15 CET

  • We will try to keep this schedule as good as we can!


    We will use the current TMM mappack for the Cup, which means Mappack 3, that consists of..
    TMM-unis0n¬TC12 by dadou17
    TMM-Selection¬TC12 by x1tomsen1x
    TMM-PokeR¬TC12 by dennislotze

    You can download the Mappack from the TMM Page, Click here! It is Map Pack 3.

    Maps on tm-exchange:

  • TMM-unis0n¬TC12

  • TMM-PokeR¬TC12

  • TMM-Selection¬TC12

  • Cup System

    For this Cup we again decided to use a new system. The Cup is open for maximum 64 players, that will play the first Round in the 1on1 mode. Also the second Round will be played in 1on1. Then there are 16 players left, and we switch to the 1v1v1v1 system, where always the best two players will advance, until 4 players are left to play the grand final!

    Each Round you will play all 3 maps! In the first and second round, every map is played until one player reaches 5 points. Therefore you must win 2 maps to win your match.
    From the third Round on, when we switch to the 1v1v1v1 system, 7 rounds will be played on each map.

    For Round 1 and 2, you will have to host the servers on your own. From Round 3 on, when we switch to the 1v1v1v1 system, we will provide the servers!

    This table summarizes all important information:

    Round 1
    Start ~ 16.00 CET 1on1 on all 3 maps; each map best of 9 (win 5 rounds)Please host the server on your own
    Round 2
    Start ~ 16.45 CET1on1 on all 3 maps; each map best of 9 (win 5 rounds)Please host the server on your own
    Round 3
    Start ~ 17.45 CET1v1v1v1 on all 3 maps; 7 rounds on each mapServers hosted by the ESL
    Round 4
    Start ~ 18.30 CET1v1v1v1 on all 3 maps; 7 rounds on each mapServers hosted by the ESL
    Round 5
    Start ~ 19.15 CET1v1v1v1 on all 3 maps; 7 rounds on each mapServers hosted by the ESL

    Server settings for Round 1 and 2:
    If you are hosting your first and/or second Round match, please use the following game settings on your server:
    Mode: Team
    Max Points: 2 (or more)
    Use new Rules: True
    Points new Rules: 5
    Before you start a map, every player has the rights to warm up ~2 rounds.

    But what if I can't provide a server?
    The best way to solve this problem is to rent a server from TrackmaniaServer.org. You can rent a server for free for 2 hours!

    Follow ESL_Trackmania on Twitter

       ESL TMNF Admin Team
    joey, Thursday, 01/03/12 12:00
    comments (13)
    w000t let's go biatches :D
    gg i have f1 :/ FACK IT why not on evening :(
    What Blizz said :D go go

    btw don't you guys forget that we have to eat? :o
    1 edits
    blizz wrote:
    w000t let's go biatches :D

    ^^ i like it
    Go Go!
    it will be a 2nd tmm cup?

    maybe u should do it like in the alienware cup :S

    Saturday at 18.00 - 22.00 ? would be gr8 :/
    thats not sure yet o:
    GG to everyone ;)
    gg guys, well played Wally :)
    GG all. Next time we will try to avoid VS days :D Sry about this issue.
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