SPS5: Playoffs & Relegations
The groupstage phase has ended and here we come with the info about the Playoffs and Relegation. Read this news to find out what is coming up in the end of the Speed Premiership Season 5!

Playoffs teams

After an exciting last playday we now know the fourth team which reached the slot for the SPS5 Playoffs. Lets take a look at the top of the final rankings.

# Name Points Matches Score diff.
1  eSports United.SPS V 19 6-1-0 38:4
2  Easy.eSports 16 5-1-1 32:10
3  Bullracing 14 4-2-1 30:12
4  Monarch 13 4-1-2 26:16
5  Funky Atzen 10 3-1-3 22:20

League Table

Congratulations to the four best teams!


The semi-finals for the SPS5 Playoffs will be played on 17th June, while the finals will take place on 24th June.
The upcoming Playoffs will show which teams will confirm their good performances by reaching the Final. The seeding in the Playoffs will be determined by the ranking after the group phase. In the single elimination tree #1 will play against #4 and #2 against #3. So the first two matchups are:

Sunday, 17/06/12 19:30
Status: closed

 eSports United... (#1)[20:15] Monarch (#4)

With a complete lineup, Monarch is ready to get a revenge on eSU now. After a great win against Bullracing, they have to face the team which only have 2 points lost. Will they beat the best team or will they be eliminated?

Sunday, 17/06/12 19:30
Status: closed

 Bullracing (#2)[19:11] Easy.eSports (#3)

These two great teams played a draw in the groupstage. Now it is time to decide within a match, who will be a part of the Finals this season!

To avoid ties in the Playoffs, please enter the Round scores in the results box. Should this result show up in a draw, the 5on5 submatch has to be played until one team gets more points in total.
So please watch out for counting the round points while your team is playing the match.


Though Funky Atzen and digitaL Lions still can plan for a possible next season, two teams had less luck. WBKY and Black Label Racing will be moved to the 2nd Division.
To fill up the last two slots of the Premier League, a Relegations will be held. In this cup, Group A #1 will face against Group B #2 while Group A #2 will play with Group B #1.
The dates for Relegations are the same: 17th and 24th of June.

Sunday, 17/06/12 18:00
Status: closed

 Aurora Racing S.. (#1)[26:3] SEF-Gaming. FS (#4)

In this match, Aurora Racing is facing SEF-Gaming. AR showed a really great performance and they are clearly got the chance to get the slot in the Premier League. Or not? We will see!

Sunday, 17/06/12 18:00
Status: closed

 dwx eSports.SPS (#2)[1:0] Qu!ck Gaming (#3)

Lets see, how dwx will deal with Quick gaming! Who will be the one which gets eliminated?

Please try to find a good time for playing the semi-finals, so everybody can watch all matches, if this is possible. The default times for Playoff set to 19:30 CEST, for Relegations, 18:00 CEST.


In the Playoffs and Relegations the special maps will be used. Additional two maps will be given so we will have alltogether six maps to be played.
This week we reveal the map for the semi-finals of the Playoffs&Relegations. The last Special map will be released after this sunday's matches.

The Specialmap 'E' for 5on5 this week is ESL - Raise Your Weapon! by eSU.Ravenwest.

PlaydayMap A (1on1+2on2)Map B (3on3)Map C (5on5)
Sun 17.06.
ESL-pascow!ESL-PoisonESL-Raise your Weapon!

>>>Download Mappack for semifinals<<<

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Rasque, Monday, 11/06/12 15:42
SPS5 League Table
SPS5 Playoffs Tournament tree
SPS5 Relegations Tournament tree
comments (7)
News about SFL: after last matches are done
Gl and Hf all teams :) nice maps :)
Does the submatches count like in Groupstage or is the overall result now in Roundpoints?
1o1 6:7
2o2 4:5
3o3 7:0
5o5 6:7
-> overall 2:4 or 23:19?
GL and HF all,
thats will be much interesting matches :)
dwx! <3
RoadRunner wrote:
Does the submatches count like in Groupstage or is the overall result now in Roundpoints?
1o1 6:7
2o2 4:5
3o3 7:0
5o5 6:7
-> overall 2:4 or 23:19?

Overall result, so rounds scores count.

SpecialMap E added ;)
Wish all good luck :)

GOGO Roadrunner ! <3
Rasque wrote:
News about SFL: after last matches are done

and now? :)
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