Seven Eleven vs. Druidz.TM
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 Seven Eleven
Status: closed
MatchID 24907981
Date Sunday, 29/01/12 19:30
Calculated 23/01/12 20:45
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comments (5)
Hi 711! Go default time? :)
Daeeeeeeeeeeeee =D... ;) heyo bros... Let's see If I can play against u ;) what matters is: We are guaranteed in second league =)... HF
yow guys,

congratulations for saving a spot in the 2nd division!

if you want, you can play this match for fun ;)

if not, it will just be counted as a draw.

maps would be:
1on1/2on2: Infinite
3on3: St. Tropez
5on5: FastLane
Decider: Infinite
Congrats keeping the 2nd league spot Druidz. This match would've been fun but we're focused on something else already. I didn't know there was an option .. the relegation post said this match should not be played.
Right now, it's impossible for us. See you next season!
Happy Birthday Bruno! =D
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Ye let's make it a draw! See you next season 711!
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