SL-Communis vs. Druidz.TM
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Status: closed
MatchID 24907979
Date Sunday, 15/01/12 19:30
Calculated 14/01/12 13:39
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0 : 6
Druidz.TM wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +2
comments (7)
Yo SL, match default time?
hedeN... ehm i really dunno if we can drive this match. so sorry to say this but we got little problems
Oh ok, well tell me asap when you know, would be good to know in time
Please decide as soon as possible cause its not cool the last minute.
soory was not able to answer yet. we won't drive we have internal problems so that we won't be able to drive this match^^
Oh okay thank you for telling us! Hope you can solve your problems then ^^
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default victory for Druidz so o:
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