SPS5 & SFL: News & Specialmap B
Another week passed and we have seen many exciting matches. The next playday is approaching, let's see the newest special map!


The last playday brought us clear wins and draws.

The topmatch between Bullracing and eSports United.SPS VI ended in a draw, and we can say it was a really tough fight. A tie showed up also between xeon esports and SEF-Gaming. FS, as well as in the match played by Bullracing II and DeMoniaK FS. All the other matches on the last matchday were clear wins in all divisions.

With these draws, the League table shows that these +1 points will make the results more tight later. With the known scores, Funky Atzen is now holding the highest position in the First division. On the upcoming matchday, however, they will face eSports United.SPS VI. Their meeting is also a very important match in the groupstage, can't wait to see who will be victorious!

In the Second Division, Aurora Racing SPS 6 is clearly on the top with their 9 points and an outstanding 17:1 score rate. In Group B, Qu!ck Gaming is also in a good position at this moment. Let's see if they can hold their lead after the next playday. They will match the French team DeMoniaK FS.

SFL news: who will advance?

In every group, the best two drivers will advance to the Playoffs. More info about it is coming later on.

Reaching the third playday, we already have several players who haven't attended in any matches. Their matches in the future will be set to defwin. In the next news, after closing every match, we are going to list the players, who are out of the SFL.

Specialmap B

Specialmaps are used for different submatches in the groupstage and in the Playoffs. They are usually have some extra things, which may push the limit of the needed skills a bit higher.
These maps will show up in the Speed 1on1 Rounds Ladder too soon.
The next special map will be ESL - pascow! by ... Pascow :). Click on the following link to get it.

>>Download Specialmap B<<

PlaydayMap A (1on1+2on2)Map B (3on3)Map C (5on5)
4 - Sun 20.05.
ESL - BreakdownESL - pascow!ESL - Vurb!

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Rasque, Monday, 14/05/12 19:30
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Taking the way to the right after turnover: no cut!
Best map so far if I may say so. Atleast the most fun oen to play. It doesnt give me a headache like some others did.
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Go go Quick ! and of course all other teams for the last both play days ! Quick wish all good luck for the up comming matches and a lot of fun ! ;)
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