Spring Fullspeed League: eK. Smart ruled the world
The Spring Fullspeed League as the only big 1on1 fullspeed championship in ESL is over now. In this news you can find the announcement of the best three nowadays!

1on1 Spring Fullspeed League 2012

After a really exciting final match, we have the names of the top players of the SFL 2012.

Marv_B finished on the third place. It seemed he was going to have a big fight against Rasque, but after some rounds, the doubts had gone and Marv turned out as the better racer. Congratulations, you have won 1 month Premium!

LX reached the second place in the Spring Fullspeed League. His fight with Smart lasted until the last map taking the lead from each other, from round to round, where, ultimately, Smart gained some more advantage. LX's constancy almost pushed him to the highest position. Well done LX! Your prize is a 2 months Premium booking!

We proudly present the winner of the ESL Trackmania Nations Forever 1on1 Spring Fullspeed League 2012! After a very exciting fight for the lead with LX, finally he gained unbeatable advantage. Congratulations Smart for your nice performance. Take a look at your prizes!

eK. Smart, winner of SFL 2012

3 months Premium
Spring League award

We would like to thank all the players who come to this event! We hope you had a nice time. See you on the next seasonal cup!

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Thursday, 26/07/12 14:29
comments (9)
Premiums & special award sent.
thx for the event :)
good job
wow that was an event with actual prizes?? keep that up :)
next time please mixe the groups. The real final was in the semi-finals =D
Addi.nub wrote:
next time please mixe the groups. The real final was in the semi-finals =D

I question a next time tournament in this way :P
80% was bored of this league, even good players
Good job guys.
was a nice tournament Rasque.
hope for a next league, maybe with A and B section for the good and not so good players, thak all have their fun? :D
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