SPS5: Season is over
The speed team tournament has come to an end. The fastest teams are now known. Read this news to find out how the season ended.

The winners!

After a long time, the Playoffs have been played now. We want to congratulate Bullracing for their win!

eSports United.SPS VI



Thanks for all participants for playing this season!

Whats next?

All teams are now unlocked
Player invite forum closed
The special maps have been added to the 1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder
Your ideas are welcome! Leave feedback in the comments section or in our forums

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Monday, 16/07/12 14:20
comments (11)
gg all
special thanks to rsq aka best admin :O

lets hope for another season :)
GG! :)
that was a nice season :) hope there will be a another!
thanks to rasque, you made a great job, keep going =)
great season.....gogo speed community lets have again some fun....
Nice Season,
well played by all Teams and a big thanks to Rasque, well done! Good Job!
LX wrote:
gg all
special thanks to rsq aka best admin :O

lets hope for another season :)
Nice season indeed, but please consider if playoffs are the right way to end a season if there will be a next season.
Why should playoffs NOT be the right way?
cause every playoff in the last seasons and this season was a mess? This season: 2 irregular matches, 1 noshow , 1 regular match. Season should end with the last playday.
gg all teams :)
Good stuff.
Well played all.
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