EMS X TMNF & CAP 9: Playdays 1-4 Summary
Last weekend all teams played their 4th matches in both EMS and CAP. So it's time to take a closer look at all the divisions and groups, to see what has happened in the past 4 weeks. As there are only 3 matches to go in the group stage, we also did some smaller predicitons aswell.


Current Rankings:

The season was dominated by two teams so far. As most people expected, Team Dignitas.TM2S and waterBottle TM2S are standing on the top. The British team won all their matches so far, while the Germans had one draw. Therefore it looks like they will have to defeat the Britons in the direct match, which will be played on Playday 6, to gain the first place after the group stage. Behind them it's mythiX eSport, last season's champions, also playing a solid seasons so far, being undefeated aswell. But due to two draws against Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS and BX3.TP-Link the first place seems to be out of reach, while a Playoff spot looks kinda safe. Nevertheless they still got to face the top2, wherefore the teams standing behind them in the rankings still got a chance to catch them, even though the gap looks huge with 4 points. There it's currently three teams being very close to each other: Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS and Rule them All being tied on the 4th place, followed by BX3.TP-Link, that got the same amount of points but a worse score difference. All of them defeated Team GAMED.DE, which is therefore on the last place with 0 points at the moment, and reached a draw against one of the top teams. As already mentioned, the British and Norway team against mythiX eSport, while Rule them All stole a point from waterBottle TM2S. But there's also another team which is extremely close to this triple pack: Tt Dragons. They are one point behind, because they couldn't gain a draw against one of the top teams, and maybe this point will be crucial in the end. Because on the remaining 3 Playdays, the four teams being so close together in the rankings will all play against each other. So the upcoming Playdays will be absolutely important to all of them, as they still got the chance to reach the Playoffs, but in the end probably only one of them will really do so.

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Division 2:

In the highest CAP division it looks like the first place is already booked: Against All Authority was the strongest team 'till now and won all matches, and they already played against the teams placed 2nd and 3rd, Druidz.TM and dac-SP, wherefore it doesn't look like they will be caught anymore. The Swedish and German team look comfortable on the podium, meeting on Playday 6, having 9 points. 3 points behind them the strongest Brazilian team, Seven Eleven, played a balanced season, both winning and losing 2 matches. They already faced the two teams being in front of them, so they will have to focus on keeping their 4th position at the next matches, as there are 3 teams having the possibility to take that place: A New Era and EvC DarkTeam with 4 points and Team Iconic.CPS with 3. Both the Portuguese and Swedish team still have to play against Seven Eleven, where they have the chance to make a big step upwards in the rankings, while A New Era already faced them, losing 2:4 in a close match. Therefore it's gonna be an interesting fight for the 2nd place, but also for the 4th place in division 2!

Division 3:

A very close and interesting group is division 3, where it's five (!) teams still having good chances to reach the first place in the end. All of them are in a pack within 2 points, wherefore we have to take a closer look at it. At the moment it's two German newcomers leading with 9 points: Naughty Team Xtreme leading with three victories and one loss against T.Squad TMNF.CPS. With a slightly worse score difference Fusion.Gaming.CAP is on place 2, losing against MaDrivers Team. The Polish team is placed 4th with 7 points, followed by T.Squad TMNF.CPS with 7 aswell. But there's also a team being undefeated so far, placed 3rd with with 8 points due to two draws: Insight Gaming. They still have to play against both German teams, so they got good chances to overturn them, especially when keeping their undefeated streak alive. Another team with very good chances is the Portuguese, as they already faced all their direct opponents except MaDrivers Team, and therefore probably got the "easiest path". Behind the top5 it's Drivers From Finland and KnifeParty hoping that some of the higher placed teams will fall back, so that they maybe got a chance to catch 1 or 2 of them. Nevertheless it's hard to predict who will make it and who won't, so let's just hope it will remain exciting until the very end!

Division 4 - Group A:

Going into division 4 Group A we first of all have to mention TEAM 4O2. After they had to fight to stay in division 4 in the Relegations last season, they are this time dominating their group with four victories in a row. Behind them RESET.TMNF couldn't keep their perfect winning streak from last season alive, losing their first CAP match ever, still being on the 2nd place though (9 points), closely followed by Virtual Xtreme Artillery.TMNF with 8, and Phenix-GaminG.TMNF with 7 points. The French team already faced the top3 though, therefore their chances of ending in a better position than the 4th seem to be quite high, as the top3 will surely steal some points from each other. Behind them there's a gap of 3 points to National Racing Club, who also faced the top3 already, just like eSports United.CPS, who collected 3 points so far. Both will fight for the 5th position so, facing each other on Playday 6, while their direct opponent, Seven Eleven II, who got 3 points aswell, still has to face the top3, and therefore got a hard task fighting for the 5th place aswell.

Division 4 - Group B:

Fanatics! Warriors and A New Era Community Team - both four matches, both four victories, wherefore they are standing on the top of their group. On Playday 6 they will face each other, most predictable fighting for the 1st place. But that's not absolutely sure yet, cause there is one team that got the chance to overturn both: International Racing Clan. They got 9 points and haven't faced the top2 so far, so they could catch each of them with a victory. In other words: the remaining 3 Playdays will be quite exciting in this group, determining who is the strongest team. Behind those three, there are Only For Fun (5th) and Funteam! (4th) with 6 points both. But last named team won the direct match and faced the top3 already - the Slovakian team didn't - wherefore they are on a safe 4th place. Behind them IMPACT# TrackMania is struggling with 3 points at the moment losing against the top3, but defeating the Slovakians. So they got a realisitc chance to overtake them soon. Gang Of Drivers are having a hard task this season keeping up with the others. Nevertheless they still got good chances to gain some points in the upcoming matches, for example in the French match against IMPACT# TrackMania next Playday.

Division 5 - Group A:

For the teams playing in this group it was kinda sad to see that three teams retired from this season on a quite early stage. So there are only five teams that really fight for a good place. Currently it's Sk8 Club and Hardware Arena Gaming doing best with four victories. They will face each other on the very last Playday, fighting for place 1 as it looks now. Mine Raccoon Terror! is on the 3rd place with 9 points, losing their match against the other Spanish team of the group, Spanish Racing Team (6 points). They've already played against the top2 and lost those matches, so it's quite probable that they will overturn the Polish team, that still has to face the top2, sooner or later. Behind them with 3 points, the Swedish team Vai has to try to gain some points in the next match against Spanish Racing Team.

Division 5 - Group B:

Group B, the "German Group", as half of the teams is coming from Germany. The strongest of them is also leading the group without losing any submatch 'till now, Planetkey-Dynamics. But a team coming from France isn't doing much worse: Dieux Du Pieu only lost a single submatch this season. So those two seem to be the strongest teams in this group, meeting on Playday 7. Two other German teams are behind them: Easy.eSports with 9 points and dac-SP-2- with 7. They both haven't played against the top2 yet, and will meet on the last Playday aswell. But it's not totally sure if they will really fight for the 3rd place, because the teams behind them already played against the top2. Especially Imperial Residents .CPS (4 points) can become dangerous, because they won against Easy.eSports. Not an Issue (3 points) lost against them, but defeated dac-SP-2- on the other side. So actually nothing is decided yet when it's about the 3rd place; four teams still got chances to reach that place! New Team trackmania and new world order are both new in the CAP and therefore had some trouble to keep with the level of the other teams so far. But they can surely gain some points and especially alot of experience in the next matches and the whole tournament, making them stronger teams for the future!

Division 5 - Group C:

A very interesting and close group is number C. Three teams are having 9 points, taking the places 2-4: myRevenge e.V. TMNF, very short players, orKs.TM2. Even though having the worst score difference of those 3, the French team defeated both other teams. But they've lost against the currently leading team, Tsunami Team. They won all four matches, but still have to face the other two teams that got 9 points, so their 1st place is not secure yet. All four teams got chances to succeed in this group. Behind them it's pro. Team ! with 6 points, only having very small chances to interfere in this fight. They will rather have to watch out for Team Q, that defeated them, but only got 3 points as they faced three of the top teams already. Behind them AirForceOne.CAP had a tough season so far with meeting the strong teams, but they still have some chances to get up in the ranking if they manage to gain some points on the next Playdays.

Division 5 - Group D:

Coming to group D it's a Portuguese team that is doing best so far: TRTeam. 12 points out of four matches and already defeated the 2nd placed team, Explode ft. Alcyon (9 points), they are in a very comfortable position. But they haven't faced the 3rd placed team yet, X-treme Speed Team, that also got 9 points. They lost against the German team though; but incase they manage to defeat the Portuguese, there is a situation of 3 teams being completely tied on the first place. Maybe it's gonna be the score differences deciding this group then? Behind those three, a French team is placed 4th with 6 points, Authentik-Gamers. It looks like they can't reach the top3 anymore, so they must check what's behind them, where it's kinda close: Red Clan got 4 points, and therefore got good chances to steal the 4th place. Team WASN got 4 points aswell, but they've already lost against their fellow countrymen, so they probably have to watch out not being caught by Blacklegend-esl or Insects. The Latvian team still has to face the French team, and with a victory they might catch them.

At this point we already want to thank all teams that participate at both EMS and CAP and make them interesting and exciting tournaments! We also want to wish all of you best luck and lots of fun on the remaining Playdays, and in the Playoffs and Relegations afterwards! A detailed news about them will come next week!

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