SPS5: Rulebook
As for every other tournament there are several rules, that have to be respected by every participant. For the ESL Premierships there are very detailed rules to be prepared for as many cases as possible. To show you the most important things we created a tutorial how you can get through the season without getting unnecessary penalty points.

The Rulebook

First of all here's the complete collection of all rules. Most of them are quite common and self-evident.

At least every team-manager should once read
through them to memorize the most important points.

Download SPS 5 Rulebook

Quick guide through the Rules

On the following lines you find useful information about how to handle with the rules. Be aware, that this tutorial isn't a replacement for the Rulebook! It just helps you to get a quick overview over the most important points. It is subdivided into the single stages of the Premiership.


You should do the following things before the season starts:

Team Structure

Every team should have a Structure like this:

  • There must be at least one Owner or Manager or Captain in a Team.
  • Honorary or inactive Members are not allowed
  • You are not allowed to play in more than one SPS team.
  • Make sure that at least one more player in your team is able to handle team organisation issues. We cannot give out team permissions by every single request
  • A maximum amount of total 20 (1st league) or 30 (2nd league) members is allowed
  • During the season you can only invite one (1) new player to your team (by support ticket)
  • The Teams will be locked on Saturday 28th of April 23:59 CEST


Please double-check the TMNF gameaccounts of your team before you play the first match. Click on "Members" on the Team-page to find an overview of your team's Gameaccounts. To add a new Gameaccount just click on "add" on your profile => Gameaccounts:

  • Wrong/missing gameaccounts will be punished from the first playday on

During the Season

Inform yourself about news

Regularly check the following sources:
  • Your E-Mail account
  • The Players invite forum (only for two players per team)
  • ESL Homepage News

Before a match

  • define your submatch-lineup (especially 1on1 and 2on2). You don't have to publish it
  • Double check the serversettings even if you're not the team which hosts the server
  • Check the opponent's gameaccounts over their team-profile page and compare them with those ingame before the submatches. You can even upload a screenshot of the 'Players' window, where all gameaccounts can be seen, as a proof
  • Make sure that creating screenshots works for you and your folder doesn't contain too many screenshots.

During a match

  • Player changes during a submatch are not allowed (for player drops see Rulebook)
  • Respawns are not allowed
  • The 1on1-Player is not allowed to play the 2on2 (3on3 and 5on5 is ok)
  • Be sure, that at least two players of yours takes screenshots of the final score-table after each submatch.
  • Be polite to your opponent and try to find a solution to conflicts directly on the server before opening a Ticket. If there was a serious case which may have affects to the match results, the administration may consider your match completed! If you think your case is similar, just open a protest ticket.

After a match

  • Enter the result quickly to the ESL page
  • Upload the screenshots for every submatch
  • If there was a big problem during the match open a protest and wait for an admin to handle it

!! This news is just a summary of the most important things. It is no replacement for the Rulebook !!
We hope you can get through the Season without any bigger problems concerning rules. Don't be shy and just post your questions in the newscomments or on #esl.tm IRC. Still, for the most of the problems, a support ticket is almost the best solution!

SPS 5 Groups & Schedule

Stay informed!

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Download SPS5 Rulebook
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