A New Era vs. Druidz.TM
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 33.  9.

 A New Era
Status: closed
MatchID 26077853
Date Sunday, 10/06/12 20:00
Calculated 10/06/12 21:47
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0 : 6
Druidz.TM wins !
Points 0 : +3
10/06/12 21:50
Round 1*
114 kB, 10/06/12 21:50, by hedeN (Druidz)
10/06/12 21:51
Round 2*
133 kB, 10/06/12 21:51, by hedeN (Druidz)
10/06/12 21:51
Round 3*
115 kB, 10/06/12 21:51, by hedeN (Druidz)
10/06/12 21:51
Round 4*
264 kB, 10/06/12 21:51, by hedeN (Druidz)
* No longer available
A New Era






comments (15)
Hey ANE! Go Sunday 20.00Cet? We can host server+relay.
Hey guys!

Deal! :)

Cya soon!

Btw.. Can we please host+relay?

Cause, our server is one of the rare servers that Zeca doesn't have lag on. Thanks in advance! :)
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Okay, sure. Cya on Sunday 20.00Cet then! :)
Thanks! :)

Yea, cya soon! :)

Heya, it's me again! lol

Can we please postpone it for 30 minutes and make it 20:30h CET? We have some sudden probs with 20:00h, thanks in advance! <3
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I'm just writing this so u can see my edited message above! :P
Hey, sorry for a late answer, I'm not sure if we are able to play later then 20.00Cet. I'll ask my teammates and give you an answer asap. :)
Hey, sorry but we aren't able to start later then 20.00 on Sunday, hope you can make it!
I'll let u know... We will might have to use our wildcard, cause we are missing more then 4 players. Will let u know till tomorrow night. Thanks
I've talked to my teammates again. Didn't know that your situation was that bad. Let's play 20.30 on Sunday then.
Ok, thanks! :)

I think we will have 5 players for 20:30h! Cya soon! :)
Server Name: ANEESL
Server Location: Germany/Bavaria/Munich
Server Password: anepowaesl
Add Favourite: tmtp://#addfavourite=server_ane03
Join: tmtp://#join=server_ane03

Relay Name: ANEvsDruidz by nc1.eu
Relay Location: Germany/Bavaria/Munich
Spectate Link: tmtp://#spectate=ane_relay01
gg ane
gg Druidz,

Sorry for notrain and all other fails we had this match! Thanks a lot for a fair play! Gl further! :)

P.S. Could u plz upload screens? thanks
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GG ANE, Gl in your next match!
gg all
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