Druidz.TM vs. Against All Authority
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 Against All Authority
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Date Sunday, 20/05/12 20:00
Calculated 20/05/12 21:44
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2 : 4
Against All Authority wins !
Points 0 : +3
20/05/12 21:53
Round 1*
337 kB, 20/05/12 21:53, by Vekouille (*aAa*)
20/05/12 22:57
Round 2*
271 kB, 20/05/12 22:57, by hedeN (Druidz)
20/05/12 22:57
Round 3*
256 kB, 20/05/12 22:57, by hedeN (Druidz)
20/05/12 22:58
Round 4*
157 kB, 20/05/12 22:58, by hedeN (Druidz)
* No longer available
Against All Authority






1puRe's Line-up.
Hey guys,

First, i hope it will be a great match for both teams and spectators.

Our LU :

1on1 : Vekouille
2on2 : Koryad & SexX

Have fun
comments (22)
Hey, go default time? We can host server + relay.
yo guys =)
Yo druidz :)
Maybe a bit later?
Anyway, OK for your server if you want!
Hey :)
20h it's a bit early i think :/
Hey, I'll talk to my teammates about playing a bit later :)
Ok thx hedeN.
Give us the answer asap!

Have a good day
druidz dont use your best player for 1on1, veko is gonna win that 7-0 :s

hf both teams <3
Well seems like we wont be able to play later then 20.00Cet at all. Possible for you to play 20.00Cet?
Can we play around 20.15 - 20.30CET? Please, make an effort for a great match!
I'll talk to my teammates again, we got some with different timezones and it will be very late for them. I'll post an answer asap :)
Thx <3
I'm sorry but we can't play later then 20.00, hope you can make it!
lol for 15min you can't , you will die if you play 15min late ? :> srsly go good match and fairplay :>
Ok hedeN..

You decided to play at 20.00, so we choose to play on our server.
I'll give you infos sunday. (server + relay)

Have a good day.
Well i'm sorry about that, but we can't do anything about it. Okay cya on Sunday 20.00Cet then.
Then I hope you'll at least accept to change the map order...;)
Server details:

lpuRe. Train!
loc: France => ile de france => paris
Pw= anal69

1puRe relay
link: tmtp://#spectate=sphrelay

Ok, cya!
Thx for the match, gl for next matches.

And sorry for 3on3, normally skeazou and me were in the line up, but we have too many lags so sexx and koko take place of us.

Anyway, gg
GG IpuRe, gl in next match! :)
GG guys ! Gl for the next match ! :)
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