TrackMania Nations Forever Premierships Competition Amateur Season 9

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Rules for CAP 9
1. General

1.1 Fairplay

All participants of the CAP are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators and the Admins. In special cases, the Admin Team reserves the right to change or expand the rules if necessary to and to make decisions which are not covered by the rules, to preserve spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

1.2 Admin Team

Matthias 'joey' B. - joey@staff.esl.eu
CAP Head Admin

Balazs 'Rasque' F. - rasque@staff.esl.eu
CAP League Admin

Thiago 'Flint' B. - flint@staff.esl.eu
CAP League Admin

Giedrius 'thoveN' P. - thoven@staff.esl.eu
CAP League Admin

Wouter 'Woki' V. - woki@staff.esl.eu
CAP League Admin

Stephan ‘Cracker’ M. - cracker@staff.esl.eu
CAP League Admin

1.3. Adding players

First of all no player is allowed to play for more than 1 team during the same season ("the same season" also includes the EMS X Season!). Once a player left his team during the season, he is therefore not allowed to play for any other team anymore.

You can add new players to your team until Thursday, 10th May. Then all teams will be locked and you can't add any more players.

After this deadline, you only have 1 more player adding possiblity. Please open a Support Ticket and announce the new player there. The new player won't be allowed to play your next match!

1.4 Communication

If you have questions or need support, the best way to reach all Admins is with the Support Ticket system. You can also send us E-Mails (see 1.2) for smaller questions.

If we have to contact you, we will do so via E-Mail, wherefore we please you to check your E-Mail-Account regularly.

Then every team has the right to have up to 3 players in the Players Invite Forum, where we summarize the most important information for you. (A separate News post about this will come later)

1.5 Season

The CAP 9 officially starts on 3rd May, with the release of Mappack 1. A few days later we will publish all the divisions. Then you have time until Thursday, 10th May, to fix your lineup. Afterwards we will lock all teams and on 13th May there is the first playday!

The CAP will constist of groups of 8 teams. During the Group Phase each team will face every other team once, wherefore the Group Phase got 7 Playdays. After those 7 Playdays the Relegations (and Playoffs) will start. We will give you more information about them in a separate News post during the season.

1.6 Team size

The number of playing people per team is restrictited by:
:link: EMS Premierleague: 10 (special Rules)
:link: CAP 2nd League: 13
:link: CAP 3rd League: 16
:link: CAP 4th League: 21
:link: CAP 5th League: 23
If a team has too many people in their lineup, it will receive Penalty Points according to Rule 3.3.

1.7 Gameaccount

Each player has to have his game account entered on his ESL profile. This is the Trackmania Nations Forever login name. It can be found in your ‘Profil’ ingame at ‘login’.

1.8 Rankings

If at the end of the season two teams have the same amount of points, then the team that won the direct match will get the better position. If the match ended with a draw, the overall score difference is the next deciding factor. If its the same aswell, the small submatch points of the direct match will decide. If its still the same then, the team that won the 5on5 in the direct match gets the better ranking position.

2. Game Progress

2.1 Before the match

2.1.1 Match Dates

For each Playday there is a default date, which overrides every other date:

  • Playday 1 – Sunday 13th May: 20.00 CEST

  • Playday 2 – Sunday 20th May: 20.00 CEST

  • Playday 3 – Sunday 27th May: 20.00 CEST

  • Playday 4 – Sunday 3rd June: 20.00 CEST

  • Playday 5 – Sunday 10th June: 20.00 CEST

  • Playday 6 – Sunday 17th June: 18.00 CEST

  • Playday 7 – Sunday 24th June: 18.00 CEST

  • If both teams agree the match can be moved. It is allowed to move the match up to 2 days in front of the default date, and up to 3 days after the default date.

    2.1.2 Match mode

    The match consists of 4 submatches.
    :link: 1on1: the winner gets 1 point
    :link: 2on2: the winner gets 1 point
    :link: 3on3: the winner gets 2 points
    :link: 5on5: the winner gets 2 points

    That makes a total amount of 6 points and the following results are possible: 6-0, 5-1, 4-2, 3-3 and the contrary.
    Those points need to be entered into the result sheet.

    If the result is 6-0, 5-1 or 4-2 for your team, then you won the match and receive 3 ranking points. The team that lost receives 0 ranking points.
    If the match ended with a draw, 3-3, then both teams receive 1 ranking point.

    The 1on1, 3on3 and 5on5 are played until one team won 7 rounds (Best of 13). The 2on2 is played until one team won 5 rounds (Best of 9). Therefore the Point Limit for the 2on2 is 5.

    2.1.3 Most important Server Settings

    Mode: Team
    Max Players: 10
    Point Limit: 7 (for 2on2 it's 5)
    Max points: 10
    Respawn is NOT allowed!

    2.1.4 Maps

    The CAP mappack consists of 9 maps. There will be 3 Mappacks with 3 maps each. The map release dates are posted in the following news:
    * news link soon *

    You can find the map distribution for each Playday here:

    2.1.5 Lineup restrictions

    The 1on1 player isn't allowed to play the 2on2. Therefore each participant can play a maximum of 3 submatches.

    2.2 In the match

    2.2.1 Changing players during a submatch

    It is not allowed to change the players during a map is being played. The only exception is if a player had a disconnect and doesn't come back within 5 minutes. This player can be substituted then.

    2.2.2 No Show

    If a team doesn't show up within 20 minutes after the default date, it is considered to be a No Show. The team that didnt show up loses the match 0-6 by a default loss. Also it will receive 1 major penalty point. After 2 No Shows in one season, a team is disqualified from the current season.

    2.3 After the match

    2.3.1 Match result & Match Media

    The result has to be entered and confirmed by both teams after the match has ended. Furthermore all match media (screenshots) have to be uploaded to the match page.

    2.3.2 Protest

    After the end of the match you can write a Protest Ticket. Please describe clearly what your Protest is about and proof your claims by screenshots, replays etc if possible.

    3. Penalties

    3.1 General

    If a team is breaking the rules and/or doesn't play fair according to rule 1.1, this team can receive Penalty Points (PPs). As the rulebook can't cover all possibilities, the amount of PPs will be accorded to the severity and frequency in some cases. This is valid for example for insults, spamming, using horns, unsportmanlike behaviour etc.

    Please remember that we can and will only punish a team if we have clear proofs! Therefore you should always do screenshots, save replays etc incase something is going wrong!

    There are Minor and Major PPs. 1 Major PP = 10 Minor PPs!

    3.2 Point reduction

    At the end of the group phase the PPs will reduce the teams' ranking points by the following:
    :link: 0-9 Minor PPs: 0 ranking points will be reducted
    :link: 10-19 Minor PPs: 1 ranking point will be reducted
    :link: 20-29 Minor PPs: 2 ranking points will be reducted
    :link: 30 and more: the team is disqualified from the current season

    3.3 Penalty Point Catalogue

  • No Show: 1 Major PP

  • Using Cuts: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the player used a cut will be lost (only if a player also finishs the run, it's counted as "Using Cuts")

  • Using Respawn: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the player used respawn will be lost (only if a player also finishs the run, it's counted as "Using Respawn")

  • Faker/playing with someone else's account: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the faker played will be lost

  • Use of ineligible Players: 3 Minor PPs and the submatch where the ineligible player drove will be lost

  • Too many players in team lineup: 5 Minor PPs

  • Playing without a Gameaccount: 2 Minor PPs and the submatch where the player drove will be lost

  • Missing match media: 3 Minor PPs for both teams
  • Requirements

    Current requirements:
      Sign up date For this league there is a fixed sign up date

    Registration begins: 24/03/12 20:00
    Registration ends: 30/04/12 23:59
      Homepage A valid homepage must be entered
      Logo A team logo must be uploaded
      Gameaccount Players must have the following Game ID registered and up to date to play in this league. If your Game ID has changed, please make sure it is up to date.

    Type: TrackMania Nations/United Forever (click here to add)
    min. members: 6



    • see News *

    * = Default


    Category: Premiership
    Rankingsystem: eps
    Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
    Min. members: 1
    Max. members: 23
    Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
    Match abort: inactive
    Autoconfirm: 60 min.
    Protest period: 3 days
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