Rule them All vs. Druidz.TM
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 31.  43.

 Rule them All
Status: closed
MatchID 24410646
Date Sunday, 06/11/11 21:15
Calculated 06/11/11 22:45
map TBA
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2 Minor Penalty  for  Druidz.TM
    ( 5.7 Wrong Game Account (Walvet) )

Result Media 
3 : 3
Points +1 : +1
06/11/11 22:46
1on1: 7-6 RtA*
225 kB, 06/11/11 22:46, by joey (»ЯтА«)
06/11/11 22:46
2on2: 5-4 Druidz*
271 kB, 06/11/11 22:46, by joey (»ЯтА«)
06/11/11 22:46
3on3: 7-4 Druidz*
264 kB, 06/11/11 22:46, by joey (»ЯтА«)
06/11/11 22:47
5on5: 7-4 RtA*
305 kB, 06/11/11 22:47, by joey (»ЯтА«)
* No longer available



Rule them All



comments (34)
hai waaalv :)
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Hello guys :) JD :*
Hi :)
Yo guys :)

Let's have a nice match...
hey druidz, Walvie <3
Maelie <3. Are you guys able to drive on monday instead of sunday?
yO !
Well, normally joey would post an answer to this, but as u can see in our STC matchposts, monday is a horrible day for us... I don't think monday is an option, sorry
k default i guess
as denni said, monday is our nemesis day ^^
so we'd like to stay with default time
we can host server + relay aswell
So you're not able to be more flexible on sunday?
what about 21.30 ? :O

/ what would be in your favour ? xd
oh nice, I think 21.00 would be best :) not to late either. what do you say?
GER vs SVK NC Match seems to be on 20:00, in my eyes 21:15 would be ok aswell, dunno how the others think bout it :P
ye go for 21.15 :P
Alright 21.15 it is!
oki :d
so we host? :O
Lets have a nice match :o
hm what happened to my previous post? :< Well i said that it would be good to play on your server because currently we dont have one :)
ye we can host walv :)
Name: Rule them All
Location: Germany > Bavaria > Augsburg
adding to fav link: tmtp://#addfavourite=rta_warserver
join link: tmtp://#join=rta_warserver

pw = rororo

Name: RtA Relay²
Location: Poland > Dolnoslaskie
adding to fav link: tmtp://#addfavourite=taxi_relay
join link: tmtp://#spectate=taxi_relay

gl & hf!
Thanks joey! glhf will hopefully be a nice match
GL HF, guys. Will be an interesting match. :)
GG :)
really nice fight on all submatches!!! big gg
best luck for your upcoming matches ;)
GG guys really fun match, wish you luck with upcoming aswell :)
GG Druidz, cool match with my heart going crazy :D
so tight here and there, GG overall and good luck for other matcehs RTA
gg druidz :)
<3² ...GG guys ;) Nice match, it was amazing :D... there is so much time that i don't play a match like this one :P... I hope someday have a revenge against u !
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