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Clément 'Aken' Fiorio  id: 3968571

Name Clément Fiorio
Nick Aken
Member since 19/03/09
Age / Gender 24 Years / male
Nationality  France
Country, City France, Colomiers  (31xxx)
Occupation Student
Employer / University / School Polytech' Management & Computer Science
Main team mythiX eSport
Homepage --
I discovered eSport in March 2009 when my own team (Acute Gaming) did its first podium in a world championship. Since this time I manage Trackmania squads and write news/interviews about last actualities.

I currently work for the french organisation mythiX eSport in which I manage the Trackmania squad, news about actuality and broadcast some important matches on our WebTV.
Level & Awards
  1 Awards  
TrackMania Nations Forever
VS. Placements
Leagues & tournaments
EMS Season IX TMNF Groupstage 2. 4-2-0  Streak +4    14
EMS Season VIII TMNF Groupstage 3. 4-0-0  Streak +3    12
EMS Season X TMNF Groupstage 4. 3-3-1  Streak 0    12
EMS Season IX TMNF Playoffs 1. Cup  
EMS Season VIII TMNF Playoffs 2. Cup  
EMS Season X TMNF Playoffs 4. Cup  
Gather statistics
Game 1on1 2on2 Team All
2 0 0 2
TrackMania Nations Forever 2 0 0 2
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