Quick Cup: Introduction
In this news we are introducing a new format of quick cups in the ESL TMNF section.
If NightCups were always too long for you, you will now get the perfect cup-system.
Read all about how it works and when it takes place in this news.

The Idea

The main idea behind a quick cup is to provide you a possibility to play a cup without spending the whole evening for it.
Depending on the amount of participants a normal Nightcup could take up to 5 hours to finish...
But not in a quick cup!
It is fixed, that you play at maximum 3 matches. With increasing participants we won't increase the amount of matches, but the amount of cup-trees.

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How does this work?

To make it simple we provide you a short tutorial here, that should explain most of the points.

How to sign up

You just sign up like you did for every cup you played at the ESL. There will be a checkin phase 30 minutes before the cup starts

Getting assigned to a group

You don't have to do anything to get assigned to a group. This will be done by an admin. He will put you in a group respecting your overall score (see below how to get points).

Finding your matches

You will see your matches in a cup-tree like you are used to. You just won't play all matches. That means you only play the first 3 matches in your group (the rest will get deleted before the cup). You can imagine little sub-trees with 8 participants each.

QC Tree Image

Playing your matches

Do it!

Getting points

As you want to be assigned to a group with your skill-level you will get points for every match you win.

  • 1 match-win = 1 point
  • 1 match-loss = -1 point
This grants, that you always get to a group where you have the chance to win. The seedings of the first cup will be done randomly. Exact rules how defwins will be handeled will follow.

Your overall score

With the announcement of the first cup we will release a link to a ranking table, which will be updated after every cup.

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Ideas on maps for those cups

If you'd like to play some special maps you always wanted to play in a cup post it here or in some other Quick Cup news-comment. As you might think at maximum 3 different maps are possible for each mappack.

And when is the first cup?

We will announce it in a seperate news with a sign-up link and further information about time and maps.

   ESL TMNF Admin Team

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Cracker, Saturday, 15/09/12 14:02
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nice =)
sounds nice^^
only tech or also fs?
sounds cool.
wow good to know esl tournaments are no more sooooo looong...
Might give it a try :D
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