SPS5 & SFL: News & Specialmap C + *D* UPDATE!
Four playdays have passed and the next will be the last matchday for the teams in the Second Division. Lets have a look on the previous matches and lets meet the next special map!


As last weekend there were many matches postponed (pentecostal holidays), there is nothing much to say about the actual ranking changes. In the Second Division, the fight is coming to an end. All news will be able to read in the SPS news.

INFO: All teams can play their matches in this matchweek with 2-3 days delay of the given deadline due to the pentecost.

This update is mainly for releasing the Specialmap D, which will be used first on the next Playday of SFL. Welcome ESL - Ressurection by alki92 to the mappack.

>>Download Specialmap D<<

INFO for mappers: Your map wasnt chosen? Do not release it yet! We will use more of them - just keep up with patience till the Playoffs news. It will come soon.


On the last playday, there were again some clear wins and some exciting fights. This time no ties happened, so everybody who had won, got the three points.

Despite the fact that eSports United.SPS VI and Funky Atzen had a really important match, unfortunately they could not find the best date in order to face each other with their best lineup. This case ended in a 6:0 for eSports United.SPS VI. With this misadventurous situation, Funky Atzen dropped to the fifth place in the League table (-4). At the moment, the teams which played that memorable draw last time, Bullracing and eSports United.SPS VI, have been reached the first two slots, sharing the first place with the same scores!
Bullracing, Easy.eSports and Monarch finished with a 6:0, Ankhs team now has reached the third position on the League table!

On the next playday, we will see which team from the lowest positions will get separated from the others: WBKY will face digitaL Lions, most expectable, in a close match.

Also, the top slots of the First Division look extremely close! Two teams with 10, three teams with 9 points seems a very delicate moment this week, let's see how the match between Bullracing and Easy.eSports will change the rankings! There will be another very important match where Monarch will be trying to catch up with the top teams during their fight with Funky Atzen. They have quite a little difference in the scores, can't wait to see the outcome of these matches!

In the Second Division, the last matchday is approaching. In this very moment we cannot see the finished rankings due to some problems with an unclosed match, but it is pretty sure, that Aurora Racing SPS 6 and Qu!ck Gaming are about to keep their lead.
The third and fourth positions are tied in both groups but nothing is sure yet. The final words will come on next week!

Specialmap C

Specialmaps are used for different submatches in the groupstage and in the Playoffs. They are usually have some extra things, which may push the limit of the needed skills a bit higher.

The next special map will be ESL - Poison by funky'|Acceleracer. Click on the following link to get it.

>>Download Specialmap C<<

PlaydayMap A (1on1+2on2)Map B (3on3)Map C (5on5)
5 - Sun 27.05.
ESL - PoisonESL - BreakdownESL - pascow!

Don't hesitate to sign up for the 1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder and...

...train your maps live!

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Rasque, Wednesday, 30/05/12 04:27
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SPS5 League table
comments (21)
gogogo buddies :D

this season is really nice until now and i am so happy to see so much activity and motivation in the fullspeed community after a lot of fails in the past. good job rasque :)

lets hope for more exciting matches!
big love, no homo <3
The Match between EK and Digital Lions? No typen word? Oh cmon R. :(

And btw: The Coverage of the SPS is not MaseTV.. its AVP ACTION.
The channels MaseTV and AVP are unified/collaborate to stream the SPS ;)

Good Job of all Teams to bring on "speeeeed" on the tracks :D

no homo? PRO HOMO!
pro you? ;D
special map C is for me the worst one so far... I think i prefer breakdown to it
all due respect to racerfme, but did he even bother decently testing the map. that last drop is just... idk
thing its a Nice season now ;) and good matches from all teams ! and big + so small minor penalty from the teams !
mehhh... not that great imo.. would have been better if were put in div2 and ar or whatever went to div1 >_> Ye i know.. im stil nagging about that
^^ We will restructure the divisions of course, after the final rankings of this season. More info about that in news later.
agreed with shadow, if you're too fast you cant take last the jump without bouncing... and crashing x)

but except this part, I think its a good one, reminds me pascow a bit
i can change it if rasque or the admins let me, i have a solution for that...

and thanks ankh :)
1 edits
Airbrake is the solution ;o
i mean a change in the track :P but could be
2 edits
No change needed..just drive the map :P
Omg after playing a little more ...CHANGE the end jump ;O really it sucks
so its ok like that rasque? :P
2 edits
This Weekend are no cast by the AVP Action Group. Reason: Holiday :D

Hf and gl. Next Cast at Matchday 6
1 edits
Jeah, abgematzt , bzw AVP-action tv 4tw ! :)
gogo special map D
gogo :)
AVP Action are back! Lets have some action on the road :)
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