CAP 9: Registration closed!
In about two weeks the 9th edition of the Competition Amateur Premiership will begin. 64 teams signed up and so it's time to start. Soon we will publsih the divisions so you can see your group and your opponents! Good luck and lots of fun to all teams !!!!

Divisions on Thursday

The Divisions will be posted in a separate News on Thursday.

Important Links

CAP 9 Rulebook
CAP 9 Schedule

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   ESL TMNF Admins!
joey, Monday, 30/04/12 21:37
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It's so nice to see you put so much effort into this ESL admins. That's what makes it so much fun! Extremely good work.
big +1!
yes good + 2 :)

When will maps?
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3 may #3

+1 #1

Yeah, THI is here!!!! GL&HF! :)
Hi guys,
the rulebook doesn't talk about pre-match statements and line-ups as for the lastest CAP, is it normal ?
Setting those things werent necessary last season :)
THI is not participating team, but we signed up yesterday,and appeared to the participants.
I think 65 teams should be not problem.
THI have played all matches, like last season.
If this is the final decision, we accept, but we are ready to play.
Good luck to all teams and admins.
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think at least one team will retire or never show up for the matches, just hard to say atm which team it'll be :)
viPer wrote:
I think 65 teams should be not problem.

It would be a problem :) We have 8 Teams for each group and there would be a problem with the matchdays if you just add one more team to one group.
8*8 = 64
OK! Cracker i know this system, but every season there are some teams who quit, retire or not start the Competition.
i guess you are in waiting list, so be ready to play :>
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