SPS5: Groups & Schedule
Finally our groupstages have been built and this weekend the Speed Premiership can start officially! In this news you can read about map rotation, the map system and of course about the groups.

Participating teams

Premier League

Funky Atzen
eSports United.SPS VI
digitaL Lions
Black Label Racing

Second League

Group A:
Aurora Racing SPS 6
dwx eSports.SPS
Spinner Team
Group B:
Bullracing II
Qu!ck Gaming
DeMoniaK FS
xeon esports
SEF-Gaming. FS

Match Structure & Map schedule

This Speed Premiership will use the same match system as the last Competition Amateur Premiership. This means, that every match will built up from four submatches.
In this season, as you already read about it, there will be special maps. These will slowly sneak in to the map schedule. Check out the table for more info.

Submatch: Points to reach Overall Points Map
1on1 7 points 1 matchpoint map A
2on2 5 points 1 matchpoint map A
3on3 7 points 2 matchpoint map B
5on5 7 points 2 matchpoint map C

Mapcycle & Schedule

PlaydayMap A (1on1+2on2)Map B (3on3)Map C (5on5)
1 - Sun 29.04.
ESL - AgonizeESL - GenerateESL - Breakdown
2 - Sun 06.05.
ESL - HerZscHLaG ESL - Vurb!ESL - Generate
3 - Sun 13.05.
ESL - GenerateESL - AgonizeSpecialmap A
4 - Sun 20.05.
ESL - BreakdownSpecialmap BESL - Vurb!
5 - Sun 27.05.
Specialmap CESL - BreakdownSpecialmap B
6 - Sun 03.06.
ESL - Vurb!Specialmap CESL - HerZscHLaG
7 - Sun 10.06.
Specialmap DESL - HerZscHLaGESL - Agonize

All Specialmaps will be released one week before they are used in the Premiership.

In this regard, we define the deadline to send special maps with the following date: Thursday 31st May 23:59 CEST.

SPS 5 Rules

1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder

Of course the new maps will be set soon to the 1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder.
Info: Previously generated matches must be played with the old mappack. All new matches are all now can be played with the new trackpack!

Don't hesitate to sign up for the 1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder!

Train your maps live!

We wish everyone a successful and happy Speed Season 5!

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Tuesday, 24/04/12 23:48
comments (7)
The matches might be re-generated as there are wrong match module settings...please be patient towards the responsible admins.

Gogo btw :)
Are there still special maps needed?

its gonna be a great season :D
Gogo right matches :D
nice opponents <3 gl hf all :)
Ricket wrote:
Are there still special maps needed?

its gonna be a great season :D

Yep. We dont have that many... Deadline 31st May

Match module fixed!
gogo!! :)
1on1/2on2: Vurb
3on3: Poison
5on5: Herzschlag
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